Djadja & Dinaz – Tenue de motard 4 (English lyrics)

1st verse
I remember the old days, emptying out your apartment in 15 minutes
They found cold bodies in a container
Look, man, my place sells drugs all the time
He slugged you, slash him with a cutter
If i’m all-in, well, tomorrow i’m doing a full time
What do you say? A big car that’s going way too fast.
Being little i was hungry i didn’t have a phone
We know this girl, we know she’s acting crazy
Under my hood, it’s getting late, the elders are killing time by watching Godfather
And in the basement it cuts big bars, huh?
The cop, the flashing lights, my man, i’m sick of it
Homies who make you look like shit and pretend to be in front of you, huh?

Too many condemned brothers, must hold the fight
As usual i’m guilty, but don’t worry i have the contacts
I’ve seen where the dirty stuff goes, when you got nothing, nobody takes you
He’ll turn you upside down and we’ll visit his mother
Well, life isn’t easy like they tell you
And among the fake people there are hiding friends

2nd verse
I’m in the hood, my brother’s losing his head in stup
There’s nothing real but bleeding your lungs in the studio
I’m lost, i feel like i’m being fooled
I’m still young but on my face i already have dark circles
So many rings that at night the eyes are closed
I tell “RS”, “I’m sick of you being locked up
Vermin: that’s what we were, money: that’s what we do
But don’t worry, we know what we’re doing.
To few people I confide, no one must come into conflict
Because if this is war my mother’s life we don’t know what we’re doing
Plan A: finish so high, never fall again
Plan B: coming to seal them up
Plan C: no longer being able to think, sleep
And what do they want with me? Even a kilo didn’t push those dogs.
I was all alone, there was only te3 (hashich) to make me cough it’s boring
They’re still my brothers, they’re sure, they can never leave me.
Principles and values, i couldn’t fuck one of my homies
I’ve been told it’s like that, sometimes you have to leave it the way it is
I’ve always given when i have, and I’ve always stayed the way i am
You didn’t stay the way you are, quiet i treated you like one
And since i didn’t have much time, i did de-spee but i took her such

There’s no rules, yeah, there’s no love.
But there are guns, there’s nothing stopping us, the world is ours
Come over here, if you have something to say, we’ll show you you’re not crazy
Khalifi(?) make me see blur, khalissi (money) in the head, in front of the judge nobody confesses

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