Dwa Sławy – Ciężki zawód (Gettin’ Money) English Lyrics 

*There’s a lot of word-play so I created two versions of this translaton. Second one (with annotations) is available here: lyricstranslate.com/en/ciężki-zawód-gettin-money-hard-profession.html

Too much money, ain’t enough money. (DJ Khaled – I’m on one)
Cash rules everything around me. (Fat Joe ft. Wiz Khalifa, Teyana Taylor – Ballin’)
If you ain’t getting money you from round me.
What I’m doing? Getting money. (Lil Wayne ft. Birdman – Stuntin’ like my daddy)

[First Verse – Astek]
Sometimes I realize we’re wasting our lives at work
and I’m flying into a rage
I need to make both ends meet
but sometimes I see myself in a completely different line of business.
Me distributing leaflets? You’re joking, right?
I’d rather hang myself.
I won’t be teaching English in secondary school for peanuts.
Shove it up your arse!
I can be a professional rapper, check me out.
Speeding ups and hashtags, a hurdle race. (hashtag icon resembles a hurdle)
#Babysitter. Ace!
I’ll look out after your daughter #Jarek Kondrat.
(It’s a reference to a Polish actor – Marek Kondrat who married his friend’s daughter. The age difference between the couple is 40 years, hence “babysitter” )
The need to get recognition is getting stronger and stronger.
I deserve that paper so I won’t give up.
“I’ve got a little something for you. Count it.”
I’d like to hear it from Marek Dulewicz each time I see him.
(Marek Dulewicz is the owner of “Embryo Nagrania” label, where guys are recording.)

Tell me now what’s gonna happen to us?
Some of us left school while others are standing in front of
a school building (for instance, selling drugs)
It doesn’t matter what’s our profession.
What I’m doing? Getting money.

[Second Verse: Radosny]
I’m a probationer and I feel like no one gives a fuck about me.
I’m “pounding that meat of yours” (fucking her) like a cook
and cheating is my pièce de résistance.
You look cute together
but I’m gon’ “saw through your love lock” (destroy their relationship) like a locksmith.
Sometimes it’s quiet when I work the door
but usually I have to whoop someone’s ass.
Shitty beginning but we’re going to make good our losses.
Slip (part of form) is for me #postman.
(He can also be talkin’ about small change that usually grannies give to a postman when he brings them pension money. )
I’ll drink till the last drop whatever you’ll give me like a taster.
It’s sad. Once again, I’m having a drop of the hard stuff
I was a looking after children during holiday camps
but I fucked off from there like Ostry.
[Ostry/O.S.T.R is a Polish rapper who was once a member of a group called “Obóz TA ” (Camp TA) but their paths diverged and now he’s a solo artist. ]
I don’t know where you’re getting money for new clothes from
but you won’t milk me. Go look for a sucker/sugar daddy somewhere else.

Part of the annotations comes from: genius.com/Dwa-sawy-ciezki-zawod-gettin-money-lyrics/


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