Dziarma – Liczi (English lyrics)

[First verse]
We could have had it all
but someone couldn’t keep his dick in his pants.
Netflix and chill, empirical session.
We’re eating lychee, we need to roll some spliffs.
We’re great in bed.
We both like it rough.
We don’t need no oysters.
You’re about to shoot your load and you didn’t even touch the pussy.
Baby boy I wanna know do you already fucking miss me?
Marvin on 33 rpms.
What bed? What chair? What desk? We’re doing it on the floor.
Eventually we end up on a washing machine.
Vinyl record is on 33 rpms, the washing machine on 1000.
You’re kissing my ear, then your licking and chewing.
I’m like ”Go ahead but it’s the wrong tunnel.”
You won’t experience such things ever again.
Kiss my ass you motherfucker.
It’s too late for you to eat me.

[Chorus] x2
I’m climaxing every night.
You’re standing at my window, begging for a second chance.
You’re in (a state of) ferment like kimchi.
[Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish consisting of fermented or pickled vegetables and
“ferment” means ‘a state of unrest’]
I’m sweet like lychee.

[Post-chorus] x8
Sweet like lychee

[Second verse]
I feel kinda sorry for you, homie.
You won’t find a girl like me.
I feel sorry for her, cause she’s just a substitute.
She’s fuckin’ a dude who listened to his short dick and lost everything
because he was thinking short-term.
Close your eyes and you’ll see me.
Something you’ll never touch.
Like these plaits that you used to pull.
If you do that I’m goin’ to break your hands.
Watch your mouth, homie.
The fact that you’re imagining that it’s me that you’re fucking offends me.
It’s rather stupid to ask what does she have that I don’t have.
I look in a mirror and I see what she doesn’t have. DUH!
It’s a two-way mirror, I know who’s on the dark side.
You’re lookin’ at me but you won’t get in, the glass is reinforced.
I’m one of a kind.
One and only, D-Z-I-A-R-M-A.



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