Nekfeu – Egérie (english lyrics)

1st Verse :
I became the person that the person I was supposed to be would of dreamed of
Are you following me ? I don’t want to wake up
A luxury brand told me : “we don’t want any rap”.
You know rich people
I said : “too bad,It’s ok, me, I don’t speak much…”
The next day I fucked one of their model
She had a face like Natalie Portman
She told me : ” Me neither I don’t want to be engaged
Tonight, I just want to get away from this dirty world
Baby, come to my hotel let’s turn our phones off.”
I’m a pro, I’m not lyin
She bit my ear like a cheescake
But it’s always the same thing, she grabbed my hand
She asked me “do you like me?”, I said : “No, you affect me”
I repeat myself, I don’t have any guidance
You are not the only shiny perle in my repertoire
One night, drunk under the street lights
Maybe I’ll be yours
Time flies, I’m unstable
I ended up completely wrecked in the fields, In my town full of champions
I’m like a bubble of champagne
Came from the bottom, I want to die at the top
Drunken night out, give me all their money
The salmon will be pink and the champagne wil be rosé
Mac Cain family in the studio is kinda like woodstock
Five in a Mini Austin, the music takes you to Houston

2nd Verse :
I became the person that the person I used to dream I would becom would dream he would become
Are you following me ? I don’t want to wake up
The same luxury brand told me : “we want your rap”
You know rich people
I said : “No thanks. I have my own brand
And remind me to call your model
I didn’t call her back
we weren’t sober, we weren’t oursleves
Always on the move at night
But, what’s important, is to keep pushing yourself
I have to enjoy the life I live
Before pleasure back fires again
I didn’t have the money to dress proper
Now, I’m all about haute couture
I saw people drown, allow me to state some facts,
It’s hard to pay rent when your salary is low
In fact, splitting their wrist has become for some youths
The only way to get a slice from the pie

Bridge :
Judging from the state I’m in, there’s no doubt that I’m high
I feel close to L.A
Me too, I built myself on flaws

3rd verse :
Everyone is evil, they’re all in love with money
You speak about friendship but you leave as soon as you don’t need me anymore
Even jet lagged, I still remain a gentleman…Liar !
It’s hard to be an honest young man, my hearth
Irradiated from gamma rays, just let me snort coke
I read mangas in stores standing, sometimes, I look like a child
“You’re dangerous on stage Nekfeu. You just talk crap, you’re trippin !”
carefullness is the mother of safety…Safety my ass !
They want to give me advices, my cell phone is vibrating
They’re filming my concerts live instead of enjoying them

Outro :
Frémont !
You see that false image they have of rap ?
Where about to change that


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