Elena x 2Bona – Colombiana (English Lyrics)

[Hook: Kun & Elena]
I’m attracted to the beat, I’m attracted to money
I’m stressfree when I get paid in advance
Drop it down to the floor
It’s shaking
The studio is on fire
Let’s go again
Alcohol, Love, Colombiana
Drop it down to the floor
It’s shaking
The studio is on fire
Let’s go again

[1st Verse: Toni]
And I’m like Rossi, Valentino
I go hard on all your curves
No roses, no movie theatre,
Only clouds from all the smoke
She drops her guard to boost my libido
Light one up and relieve all the stress
Tight dress without any underwear
We’re litty like Tesla, 2Bona is a brand
No more wounds to heal, we’re still sipping Moet

[2nd Verse: Elena]
They keep asking for her, but she doesn’t even know herself,
I don’t know my worth, but I know how much I cost
It’s bad, but I’m good

[Hook: Kun & Elena]

[3rd Verse: Kun]
I’m whippin’ a Mercedes-Benz, my music shakes everything up
It’s all too easy for me, I easily take it all from you
The beat is fire, I’m firing like a CZ
I’m lit, I’m the trap king
The vibe is strong, my squad is on point
I’m not an ass, you just can’t get in the trend
I’m getting high, I need an idea
And I tell her to make it and give me some Colombiana
It’s lit, it’s on fire,
Mom, we’e champions,
I reached the top,
Sometimes I’m feeling cold and lonely here

[4th Verse: Elena]
He steps in like a maniac,
He can’t even think about smiling
Where’s the money, yay yay
She’s not ready for this,
her bed is all she’s got
For my soul, I just (?)
Noone is worth falling in love with,
I just say, let me go back to sleep

[Hook: Kun & Elena]

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