Everything we know so far about the whole MHD situation

MHD situation update

As some of you may already know, MHD was arrested and is currently being detained by the cops, as they investigate his possible involvement in a murder that took place in Paris back in 2017.
The victim, Loïck Kamtchouang, 23, was brutally beaten down to death by a gang of thugs (as you can see in the footage above) for no apparent reason.
He was said to have no connections to any gangs whatsoever and was said to be homeless at the time of his murder.
The car used by the murderers, a black rental BMW, was registered under MHD’s name.
Some eye witnesses also claim to have recognize the rapper among the attackers because of his recognizable hair style and by his outfit, a non commercialized Puma tracksuit that the brand only distributed to it’s ambassadors…
To this day Mohamed Sylla (real name) has claimed his innocence.
Stating to his defense that the hairstyle is quite popular in some neighborhoods in Paris and that his friends basically serve themselves whenever he receives anything from Puma.
Things aren’t looking good for MHD who faces up to 40 years if convicted.


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