F430 – Squad freestyle (English lyrics)

1st verse (Ademo):
Homie, your flow is whack, homie Makélélé
You want to hook up with her, but hey, you’re ugly-ugly-ugly
You’re trying to act tough, homie I’m lo-lo-loling
Take position, here comes the the the the
PNL, F430, we’re killign it
You want that dope shit ? Call Ade-de-de
I took the beat, I crushed-crushed-crushe it
It’s okay, I know how life goes
I don’t lose anymore, go tell it to your bella
Pon pon, bang bang in the middle of your town
You’re no longer replying, it’s over, ciao bella
I’m smoking under my bu-u-ucket hat
Yeah yeah, my ho-o-mie
I would die for my fam’
We hustle hard

2nd verse (Lazer) :
I don’t want to be a sell out
I avoid the projects like the plague
I’m getting older and time is running
Money in stacks, I gotta stack them up
Eastern european bitches and fat asses
Weapons, blunts and big cars
Green is the bag, Gucci, Versace
Hermès bag

3rd verse (Jet) :
F430, PNL, we’re chilling
I never cooperate with the cops
The little kids are dressed in Philipp Plein
I’ve got some weed, I’m gonna enjoy it
Thoughts for the homies that are locked up
I’m with Wawa, Kana, posted up
In the studio, chilling, laying verses
Adsa Beatmaker is the engineer
While the cops are getting lynched
F430, IGD-D-D
Crazy gang
Gibson is always strapped up
Eatsern european weapons, OG Kush money
Pull out the baba, l’espanolé

4th verse (Sanders) :
We all have desires like S-Pion
We’re all about the mula
F430 is dope, I’m accelerating for my fam’
Bike on 12 o’clock, scratching the ground, there’s traces on the side walks
F430, the (??), the product comes from the terroir
We’re movign forward the best we can, doing our thing the way we want
F430 the ghetto? you already know, we’re here there’s nothing but haters
TZ, TZ (my squad), Harlem, Harlem
Doing thinsg like Ademo
You already know, we’re posted up

5th verse (S-Pion) :
My plans are whitering away, don’t worry, I’m gonna get them back up
I threw a fishing hook, I only caught nothing but haram
You started smoking, homie, you’re losing your health
It’s only when I’m weeded weeded out that I’ll tell you that I’m pleased to meet you
IGD Gang, new face
Just liek the streets of my city, the gang is in construction
Freedom has no price, no debt to pay you guys
She’s hot, she’s beautiful
She rolls her blunt and makes her butt wobble, it’s unbelievable
She’s this, she’s that
I’ve got mula in mind, gotta saev my brothers from drowning
Homie, mula, is my thing
IGD, F430, PNL, we (daba??) you
Homie, mula, is my thing
IGD, F430, PNL, we (daba??) you

6th verse (Pti Moha) :
Homie, bring over the euro bills
Back where I’m from, there’s some people that don’t have any
On my block, we smoke hookah
LZR always like my right hand
I no longer have time to stare at the sun
It’s time to aim for the summit
We’re running after money
A hard time trying to find sleep
For me, the tide is gonna turn
For the time being, it’s turning upside down
You’re saying that I don’t have any guidance
That’s the other side of the coin
We’re all chasing money
We blow it all on pairs of Nike
We’re all chasing money
We blow it all on pairs of Nike

7th verse (Ilinas) :
IGD, F430, PNL, we gun you down
Get in the space ship, sweethearrt, welcome on board
I’ll take you on and your whole gang of faggots you bastard
If there’s money, I’ll let my fam’ eat first
I’m not a bully
It’s in our genes to hook everybody up
2.01.4 not talking, I’ve got bullets if you think you’re terminator
Everyone can love you today, tommorow they’ll replace you
For them to understand, we would have to take place
Take off my chains for me to do dirt
No one bothers us, we crush the competition
You’re nothing but a whore who deserves a low life
Im’ not a rapper, I don’t rap when I have the occasion
Wherever I go, I just have to leave a trace
We were born to shine, no need for any fame and confetti

F430 – Freestyle (English lyrics)

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