Fizer SLV ft. Banda Unikat – Rap z ulic (English lyrics)

*Translation reposted by Fizer SLV and Banda Unikat on their Facebook*

[1 verse: Fizer SLV]
I had a rap cassette tape instead of a teddy bear.
I would play it quietly cause I didn’t want my father to smash it.
I got bitch-slapped when I was caught singin’ Karramba’s shit.
I would also sing ‘Drink after drink’ and ‘Materialistic whore”.
I didn’t disavow hip hop even when it was forbidden.
Just like a persecuted Christian I haven’t renounce my faith.
I used to decorate staircases with spray paints and marker pens.
You reduce our shit to “Fuck the Police”. Think what you want.
They’re not welcome here though.
They know my rap is the shit and that I’m like a bouncer on the block.
Music is blaring out of a mobile phone speakers
and we feel like in Brooklyn in this small town of ours.
Homies gettin’ high on that dutch shit.
That’s how I’m fullfillin’ my dreams, SLV crew.

[2 verse: Kubi]
You say that you’re a product of the streets.
I’m wonderin’ what your father has to say about that.
You don’t remember how you stole from him?
You’re breakin’ the law but he’s a lawyer.
He used to be a prosecutor, back then it was some hardcore shit.
Bigger then smokin’ a bag of weed for that money.
Fuckin’ hell, I feel sorry for you. You life wasn’t all roses.
That’s some dope ass shit, many would piss their pants.
That’s how this street poet started his career.
Do you know him ? No? I don’t know him too.
Maybe he’ll crawl from under his rock
cause sometimes truth can be hurtful.
Nowadays wack ass rappers are gettin’ mad props.
Fortunately, though, there’s still street rap that’s doin’ good.

[3 verse: Wola]
I am hip hop, rap means everything to me.
I won’t say “it turned out that way” cause that’s how it supposed to be.
I’m lookin’ forward to the future.
Hood’s anthem not some catchy shit.
Where are they now?
I remember hearin’ Dre for the first time as if it was yesterday.
Niggas With Attitude, Compton, Los Angeles.
I’ve spent many hours on listenin’ to them tracks.
Then it was Tupac with his hardcore rhymes.
May he rest in peace.
Now he wouldn’t be cool with Snoop.
A candle is burnin’ for Nate Dogg.
His death was a great loss to the rap game.
Warren – I remember. I kept listenin’ to “Regulate”.
New York, Brooklyn, “Kris” (KRS-One) is still ‘preaching’.
Biggie is turning in his grave.
We’re witnessing the decline of rap music.
Terror Squad without Big Pun doesn’t exist.
Fat Joe ”has a dick in his ear” (both makes and promotes shit)
cause he’s on a paper chasin’ mission.
I still dig Nas, he and Mobb Deep ain’t tight (close) no more.
It’s because of chedda and that ugly motherfucker 50 Cent.
Preemo is on the podium, Maino, Red Café.
1982, fuck that techno shit!

[4 verse: Kotzi]
Tell me where do you look for inspiration.
I need to press “play”.
Without music I’m like a junkie goin’ through withdrawal.
Rap is a platform for pouring out all our worries.
It’s deeply-rooted in the streets.
Sometimes it tells you to grind and sometimes it tells you to get drunk.
Think, and draw conclusions by yourself.
If you’re done for today then just chill.
Sky is the limit, let it reach as many as possible.
You’re lookin’ for trouble? You better take a hit off the water bong.
I encourage y’all to broaden your knowledge
with the use of different sources.
Don’t pay no attention to all the ignorant cunts.
Anyone can write but how many will quit after a while?
How many of those rap enthusiasts is still busting rhymes?
I’m open to different genres of music and that is
why people still listen to my shit.

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