GHALI I Love You English translation

1st verse:
I know that you’ll be forever in struggle
but I know that everything will be ok my friend
And if God wouldn’t be there seven days out seven
He will come with us this weekend
I go to the club like the Alcazar
I pop bottles, I don’t drink only during Ramadan
40 thieves with me like Ali Babà
We don’t end up in rehab, but we finish the kebab
There’s someone who sing along a siren
There’s someone who dances in jail
Where it’s always midnight
You know that you’re my brother
I wanna tell you a lot of things
I scream loud

I love you, I love you (X6)

2nd Verse
I love you, I will always love you
I love you, te quiero, bahebak, je t’aime
We die alone, we live together
What the blood, the war, the hate are for?
I hear you like there isn’t walls in between
I feel you like I no longer have any doubts
I’ll send you a song, press play, put the headphones on and run away
I’m coming to you
Ghali frees everyone
Love to me never, love to me never,
even if you do pon pon
the effect you make, the effect you make
sends me into the void
where it is always midnight
you know you are my brother
I would like to tell you many things
I scream loudly

I love you, I love you (X6)

3rd Verse:
I have something to make you feel
connect me to bluetooth
and I have a lot of problems
come on take a dip
I’ve been dancing since yesterday just to ask for help
the UFOs, help

I love you, I love you (X6)

GHALI – I love you, English translation


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