Ghetto Star 143 – Marseille-Paname (English lyrics)

1st verse :
Little frenzy, GP800, full helmet
I’m coming with my crew, we’re down for the brawl
There’s no colonels, only captains, no generals
Everybody has balls, but don’t worry, everything goes fine in general, Ok
Guirri in the attitude
Ghetto youth in my way of carrying myself and talking
No time for yappin’
Marseille quartier nord, 9.1 les pyramides
Everybody has their middle finger up, we’ll gauge out the eye of the pyramid
We’re making it out with the best and les pyramides
We think back on all those that are locked up, from Marseille to Paris, all the Guirri
Salam Aleykoum (Aleykoum Salam)

Chorus (x2) : Ok, this is Marseille Paris (sisi)
We don’t talk shit, we’ll do something crazy to you
Robberies, beefs, shoot outs
This is Marseille-Paris

2nd verse :
Gangster’s demeanor with my suspicious looking face
As soon as you see me, I impose tolerance and respect
From Paris to Marseille, the bitches are on our dicks
It’s better to walk out of prison than to wear an ankle bracelet
We’re selling kilos
Slangin is a hobby
I don’t have time to neglect my hunger of money
Ghetto Star say, we’re making a killing with no gloves
Pay your debts, or you’ll die in your teenage years
Life is hard, it’s true that she can drive you paranoid
The vice of the street can drive you behind bars
Behind bars (yeah yeah yeah)

Chorus x2

3rd verse :
Live from the 91, we’re from the 13.00.3
We’re doing our dirt and in the rap game, we work hard
Les pyramides, around here we slang bars of hash
Marseille, we hustle in the drug rings
The cops would like to arrest us
It’s the same thing on every corner
Things are shitty everywhere
We spit our anger, nigga
The instrumental, we’re having group sex with it
If you think you’ve got balls, try me
Go ahead and hide
A price on your head
If you’re at the red light, it’s over for you
There’s only the mountains that don’t ever meet
Only the corpses that don’t fight each other
Meditate on that a little
There’s only those that have wings that don’t have time
Soldier Guirri, you probably know me
I contaminated the rap game, it’s normal, it’s not vaccinated

Chorus x2

4th verse :
Wesh all my guirris
We gotta show them how it’s done
From Marseille to Paris
When it’s all over, you’ll say, yeah it’s so, it’s so guirri
Ok, this is keussdi, guirri shout out to all the drug dealers
As usual 1D3, the comeback
from Les pyramides to Félix Pyat
The Mc’s, we’re going to eat them up
All of us, I’m starving
I fear no one like the 1.4.3
I’m acting up on the instrumental, with a fucking 6.3
He, what did you expect ?
We’re the real thugs
The bars of hash sellers
With dirty money
Guirri : an attitude that constitutes, ask Yvan
On the porch we dream of (??)

Chorus x2

5th verse :
My brothers throw stones at the cops
I burn the red light, I don’t even wait on the signal
My nigga, it’s 1 for my ghetto
2 for this joint
We’re hard, we insult you like it’s nothing, we grew up in the ghetto
I spit near the mines
Crazy is the rhyme
T’assumes puis tu te demandes même qu’est-ce qui t’arrives (??)
Over here it’s Paris all the way to Marseille
If you lose the bet, AK 47 lead shower
Ultimate Guérilla
Censi millia
We come from the same background
We gotta make it to a billion
You would like to test us because
You don’t know what to expect
I don’t give a fuck about the haters, they’ll all end up hanging themselves

Chorus x2

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