GIMS – Immortel (English lyrics)

Intro :
Just one more time
Twenty twenty

1st verse :
We’re searching for happiness without ever finding it
The enemy is in the pot getting cooked on a slow fire
I’m already thinking about the money I’m about to make
They want my death, I know that the poison is in the shower gel
I’m talking to you about ecology in a V12
I’m coming to fuck things up like a divorce
You’ve been to the party, the after party, and even the before
Sooner or later we’ll see who’s the strongest
I advise you to save up your energy
Close the door because I come through the bifröst
All those efforts to get you eleminated
No one walked on the brilliant crescent
The world is in the hands of a few crazy people
Remember this well, the key word is : dominate
Loved, hated like Domenech

Chorus :
Umh zid zid, umh zid zid (Warano)
Zid zid, twenty twenty, it’s already over, zid zid (Warano, oh)
Zid zid (oh), zid zid (oh), twenty twenty
Zid zid, it’s already over, zid zid (no)
Zid zid (oh), zid zid (oh), twenty twenty
Zid zid, it’s already over, zid zid
It’s already over

2nd verse :
My villa is behind the horizon
Saying the truth doesn’t mean you’re right
I’m immortal like Ciro Di Marzio
“IMMT” on the name, “S.E.X.I.O.N” is in the house
Black, Full black like the tyrants of Teheran
There’s a snitch somewhere, gotta verify the ranks
Porte de La Chapelle, there’s a few wandering souls
D’toute façon, ceux qui vivront verront qu’c’est un vendredi qu’on soufflera du clairon
It’s money and hope that we lose and find again
We give without ever expecting anything in return
Doubt no longer has it’s place here, so we’re going
Securing the future for the fam’
You can start to see the fear in the lawyer’s eyes
Sorcery coming out of the mouth
Everything is going good, the snake is in the jar
Kilometers, there’s light years between me and you
A black crow in a bad mood posted up on the roof
Your chakra is too weak, no, you don’t stand a chance
I always end up being the poacher that slays the boa
Steakzer on the pifzer, Rocky Balboa
There’s a lot more talking than anything else, after all
We live, we die in a fairy tail
They insult mothers with fake accounts
They wanna talk money, yeah, that shit drives you crazy, apparently, getting fucked is a job
The interim, is like ping pong, it doesn’t pay, Jeff Bezos, worth the GDP of Holland
I can’t go wrong, I’m in play back mode, I still can’t realize that I’m a father
I need depth to my texts, not just “pah-pah”

Chorus :
Oh zid zid, vas-y zid zid (oh)
Zid zid, it’s already over, zid zid
Zid zid, vas-y, zid zid (oh)
Zid zid, a little more, zid zid

Outro :
Twenty twenty

GIMS – Imortel (English lyrics)


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