Gradur ft Migos – #LHOMMEAUBOB (English lyrics)

Intro : Gradur
Sheguey !
Talking shit, might drop, people listen to it (Sheguey)
Talking shit, might drop, people listen to it (Sheguey)
Talking shit, might drop, people listen to it, to it, to it, to it

Chorus – Gradur :
Go ahead and bite my flow, go ahead and jack my style, go ahead and dick ride my team
Go ahead and bite my flow, Go ahead and jack my style, go ahead and dick ride my team
Go ahead and bite my flow, Go ahead and jack my style, go ahead and dick ride my team
Damn right we’re liquidating you, we’re taking all your liquid assets
Leaving cum stains on your leggings

1rst verse – Gradur :
The Rap game is nothing but bitches
I swear on my mother’s life, they’re all bitches
So I pull my gun out, I let my pants hang
All those female rappers, they’re all thirsty
I wouldn’t fabricate a fake past just to please them
Trust me nigga, sellin’ weed everyday in the military barracks
We front you weed, you gotta pay
New Rang Rover nigga, I need cash
Some Gucci, some Louis, Zanotti, Versace
You know me, if you owe me money I won’t let you rest
This Gold digger saw that Gradur was shining
So her father asked to raise the dowry
She told me she was a virgin, but I didn’t see her bleed
I’ll pay that slut with fake dollars
Like a Thug in Atlanta, bro, I’m handling my business
I’m a threat to these rappers, They’re all going broke
Mesh and Vodka, I only go in when the pussy is clean like Wiltord, Anelka
Or like the Juve, or like les bleus
No more Marseillaise, Kyrie des gueux
Beat the pussy up like Patrice Quarteron
Sheguey Squaad, Bob Sapp lined up


2nd verse- Quavo :
Migos ! Quavo !
Smokin’ gas by the Eiffel Tower boy that’s the truth, I swear !
I might climb to the top then jump off with a fuckin’ parachute
R.I.P my brother Paris, ever since then I’ve been deadly
Ridin’ jetskis in the Bahamas, my young niggas got the machetes
Touchdownin’ with Gradur
We countin’ a whole lotta euros, euros !
Versace my shirt and my belt and my pants
But she needs my shoes they gold toes, Versace!
When I step on the North Side, all of my young migos niggas they gon’ follow, North Side !
When I pull out the chopper, 100 round drum, all hollow


3rd verse – Offset :
Offset !
My young niggas they gonna follow
Load up them 30 round clip with them hollows
We’re not going back and forth, I ain’t no convos
I flew to Paris and my plug named Diego, Gradur !
Gucci shirt, belt, Tom Ford
Finessed the plug and he fell for it
Fuckin’ these bitches, they call me a man whore
Rarrr ! I’m a carnivore
I got 2 millions and want more
Go and shoot a nigga, no tag on the hardcore
Migos legend like 2Pac Shakur
Pull up in a drop Phantom
Got them young niggas with me with no manner
Started shooting at them niggas it was random
Popped that nigga’s lung like he was a bandit


4th verse – Takeoff :
Takeoff !
Trappin’ and cappin’ the way to them diamonds
Takeoff man I shoulda been a mannequin
Young niggas hop out of minivans
Heavy artillery, you gon’ need ambulance
OG gas bag, need a gas mask
Beatin’ the pot with the spatula
Migos, the North Side ambassador
Dissing cause you were a character action figure
Niggas laugh at ya
You niggas wanna be Migos
But you niggas know that you is not trio
Sit back and observe I’m drinkin on Actavis, lean !
While you niggas drinkin’ on margaritas
Sad to say that shit panned out how it is
Check my pinky ring, it’s Africa here
My mamma, she shoppin’ in Paris
While you niggas shoppin’ at Sears
Man that shit delirious


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