HAYCE LAMESI – Alea Jacta Est #ADAL (English lyrics)

Intro: Hayce Lemsi

Your mom doesn’t pay my rent
(Hayce you can do it)
I got my head above the water, you’re trying to drown me
(Héta Wouahèd)

1st verse (Hayce Lemsi)
What do you want you sons of bitches
I was born to rule with word plays
The drugs are in the parachute
I slept on the stairs
I’ve been working hard since I was 15 year sold
I see my neighbors drunk off Courvoisier
The art of throwin upercuts
On the ring I’m MC Frazier
Fakir Lemsi on the blaze
I think like a 50 year old
Homie I’m emerging from my Vodka
Don’t count on the judge to be easy on you
Nope thoses weren’t just words
When I say that I’m not only doing this for the pay
Call me young Abu-Dahbi prepare me some barad faggot
We saw things that we weren’t suppose to see
We have nightmares about our own lives
You’ll be jealous of “l’électron libre” until his last molecule
Can you feel the cold breeze from the P4, can you hear the noise fo the GP800
In the end my littel bitch, what dodn’t kill me made me powerful
I’m used to being the best in everything that I do but I didn’t lose any strenght
He’s nto your friend, he wants your moeny, your girl, your death in order to take your place
I write everyday, I’m not obsessed with the dictatorship of looks
I’m part of the most hated comunity on the planet

Bridge (Hayce Lemsi) :
Despite what I think and despite what everyone say about me
Gdo is the only one I place my trust in
People are so wobbly and underhanded
To be honest I don’t give a fuck about selling a mullion records
What I want is to rap better than those sons fo bitches who act like big time drug dealers
We give to golden records to uncultivated people, they got hands out as usuals
When the record labels starting leading the way, the rap game loses that smell of the street
And I’m here stoic, I’m preparing my 5th Haycesteroid
Nowadays sex rhymes with money
Muslim rhymes with terrorism

2nd verse (Hayce Lemsi) :
Shirt less udner the storm, a dark look in the eyes #dark north african
I would give my life up I’m a man
Trapped in this mideivel like violence
You wanna get married ? I’ll spit in yoru hair
I’m too mush of a quagmire to live with somebody else
I’m forgetting about you I’m smoking all alone in my bubble
My weed smells strong like this blue cheese
I just wanna flood the hertz waves
I’m in this rap game like a water damamge
I pull out the MAC-TEN, the vibe is Martian
I barely set oen foot out the ship
I’m made of tears, of glory and of sweat
You’re accusing me of being a free thinker
We’re bleeding with open heart in the streets
Like a mother raises her only child
I sweat verse and cry proses
A weapon of war sleeping in the box
UBarbarian I’ve got the gun in the bouqet of flower
The lead shower will go through yoru torso
Fat becomes brain power
You’r emakign me smile in order to steal my grillz
I’m seeing all the jealous people losing weight
Me I’m a survivor like Bear Grylls
Always at the center of the debate
In triviality and alcoholism
I talk to my bottle when it empties
I’m so sad at the abck of this VIP section
JI’m all alone handling my business independantly
You wanna know if I’m stacked
La fourche PSO la Joncquière
Come see me I’m always on the dope spot

Outro (Hayce Lemsi) :
Hey hey hey you think we were born yesterday ?
Hayce Lemsi, volts Face light years away
The return of real rap, Hayayace
Bico Blacko Blanco Loco
Nah homie I haven’t change, I’m still taking on the rap game one on one

HAYCE LEMSI – Alea Jacta Est #ADAL (English lyrics)


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