HEUSS L’ENFOIRE – BX Land 4 (English lyrics)

Intro :
Provenzano, Zepek et Bandito
Hé, Biggie, Mosko

Unique verse :
Son of a bitch, not so long ago, I used to wake up early
On the dope spot, 11:40 bright and early with Bandito
The bag would be full at twelve, I’m setting the tone
BX Land part X, I’m in the video
Hiza Guruma, Kata Guruma, nothing but judo
92 department, drugs in my backpack
The elite drug dealers, this is the commando
Product under our raincoat, we hand you your fix
Here, listen to this track, don’t show us your tits
Swagged out, deep down at the back of the projects
J’la touche à dix-sept balles, j’ai d’autres combinaisons (??)
Shit is like the Sinaloa Cartel, we walk into your house
The kid is on fire, he’s not 14 years old
Eh, keep your mouth shut, that’s important around here, the streets are our legion
The streets aren’t about studio sessions, 2-3 hours of session
They are about arrests, detentions, probation
Once we get out, the goal becomes to get rich
BX Land part 4, shut the fuck up and go buy it
The streets are about the police officer and 2-3 bitches planning my downfall
Suck dicks and make hits, l’enfoiré doesn’t sell any hash
I was short haired, I was long haired, like Pacino
I have the same pecs as Chong Li, that pure shit like in Shangai
The fish, the scales, the fiends are delighted
Algeria, Morocco, Mali, Senegal
Villeneuve-la-Garenne, Hauts-d’Seine illegal
The money made from selling your pussy, became dirty money
Eh, I make money, I don’t fuck my female followers
I don’t give a fuck if I’m buzzin’ or not, the waitress is nervous
This crazy chick is poisonous and Venezuelan, she grew up around Paris
Call me Heussine or Hassan, this comes from the Hauts de Seine
I’m heading over to Rotterdam, I’m going to pick up the product
It’s not expensive, jail, hospital and cimetery
The fiends tell me “thanks”, even when they’re on a stretcher
Boute-en-train, Sablière, producers, shit is grimey
Manager, shit is grimey
Grimey from noon to noon, grimey from noon to noon, Sablière, Boute-en-train
Heuss L’enfoiré, you fuckers
Suarez, Marhez, James, skch, skch
Heuss L’enfoiré, you fuckers, skch, skch

HEUSS L’ENFOIRE – BX Land 4 (English lyrics)

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