HEUSS L’ENFOIRE – BX Land 5 (English lyrics)

Intro :

Unique verse :
I’m in the streets, in the streets in the middle of the drug ring
I go and get the stuff directly from the factory
We’ll do business even if you’ve been to a mental hospital
The money is in the elastic, the drug is in the plastic
Look at the odler guys, half of them are wasted off (??)
Homie, this is the street, it’s a real porno movie
I’ll piss on all of them, that way I won’t be disapointed
I don’t have any other way out anyways, I don’t feel like I belong here
Come take a spin where I’m from, shit is like Washington DC
There’s mad Alvarez, Hernandez, Simon, Aldebizi
You don’t give the time to no one aorund here, don’t tell us your whole life story
Go mind your daughter, go verify that she hasn’t gotten her back blown out
This is the real streets, there’s no nice guys, we don’t even take time to laugh anymore
(??), day after day, it just keeps getting worse
We’ll fuck you up, you gotta stop telling lies
There’s mad merchandises and bags to full up
I, I’ve seen snitches let their beards grow out, trying to repent
However, w’re gonna shave your head like a shitty ass skin head
After I’ve had two or three glasses and smoke weed, I start spitting nothing but proverbs
You pass on TV, you’ve been on Les Anges, we’ve been through hell
Bring over your girl you’ll see, we’re gonna wreck her ovaries
There’s drinks and smoke, I’m killing my brains (X2)
In order to get out of poverty, I slice it up, then I slang it
The street, jail, hospital, then it’s the cemetary
There’s no warm ups, it’s not even necessary
No one wants to back down, everything for the comfort
The goal, is to make money and less and less efforts
Come outside for a spin, drugs dealers and pimps, money safe piercers
Famous magician, professor Dumbledore
The drugs addicts are asking for more, outside is just like on the inside
Most of them, are nothing but liars, a bunch of legendary stories
You don’t believe me ? Ask them to re do the inventory
In the street, I’m known like Jerome Commandeur
Yesterday, I was a bad guy, today, I’m a singer
I’ve got money to make and it’s never too late to enjoy oursleves
There’s bitches, there’s bums on every boulevard, there’s no escape route
Come take a spin, we’ll take you on a cruise but there’s no turning back
You play soccer, we’ll break your leg, we’ll fuck up your career
Back in the days, I never respected anything, I listened to no one, I made my mother cry
I would go to prison, I was single
From now on, things have changed, I can fuck them all now
She thinks I’m gonna fuck her over but I’m going to fuck all of them, I swear on my mother
BX Land partie 5, this is not an entrevue, it’s a long police custody
referred to the prosecution but I won’t snitch, you know my lawyer

HEUSS L’ENFOIRE – BX Land 5 (English lyrics)

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