HEUSS L’ENFOIRE – L’enfoiré (English lyrics)

Intro :
Double glass of whisky
Strike like Lewandowski
You won’t see it coming
Like when shots are being fired
Like Vladimir

Unisque verse :
And, you won’t see it coming like a bullet
This is the story of a guy who wanted to get rich like Vladimir
But it’s gonna end badly, these are the projects, not childish shit
He slangs grams of matchithi, doesn’t do any graffiti
Inside his head, shit is lke GTA San Andreas or Vice City
OG behavior, respected like CJ
The streets are his identity, the offenses are amplifying
The fiends make him richer but they’re turning away from weed to snort coke
He makes whores and other people’s sister work
43 Maroochi, never too far away from his side
You see the kind of guy I’m talking to you about ?
He hangs with Knock out Ned but he’s not Travis Scott, he likes Aerschot street
And scampi dishes, in 2012, in the slammer, he’s at the cantine
Never gets busted over just a few cents, nothing can soften him anymore
He won’t fuck Sandrine, he won’t pull down his jean’s
I admit that it’s gore but prison makes him stronger and stronger
He’ll be distributing nothing but death when he gets out, he’s gonna be even worst
3 years later, he gets busted again, back again at Nanterre
But don’t think that he’s going soft, his name is legendary
Before his death, right before they burry him
He would like some gold and to repent in order to avoid going to hell
The streetlife and business are bringing him prison sentences
He doesn’t give a fuck about any advice, doesn’t give a fuck about no older brothers
In order to get money, l’esprit knows what to do, he does it with no commentary
Gangster mentality, only the sons of bitches wishes him a cancer
Always in the transfers, from Villeneuve to Saint Ouen, (??)
There’s only in front of the cops that’s he’s not very talkative
He pushes everything off to later, respects the bearded guys, he arrives when you leave
There’s only in the prison’s excercise yard or in the projects that you rpobably ever saw him
He’s an Arab with a black heart, half Kosovar, a notorious Mexican
I know that he loves to drink and always ready to attack
He knows all the police cars licence plates
The police disgust him but he’s gonna have to adapt
It’s in the slammers that the days repeat themselves
I already saw him sell grams of coke without weighing it
Lately, I saw it with my own eyes, he was pistol whipping his neighbor
Apparently, it’s his cousin that robs the stores
He doesn’t give a fuck about pussies being that it’s money that he loves
Cousin, he doesn’t have time, he’s a real attacker, (??)
Don’t try to turn him on, he already masturbated, you know very well that he’s a grown man
Don’t tell him that it’s time to stop all this, he’s a true yakuza, he can die for this
And fuck la Cosa, pull off a Toto Riina with Provenzano
Generally, he fucks whores and eats McDonalds, he doesn’t own a castle, he’s not El Chapo

He’s just a real Charo, you already see the picture
He never gives any gifts, always drunk off Jack in order to re establish himself better
His plans are thought out, I’m telling you about his whole life
You can fool others, around here nothing is for free, he only supports Paris
To him everything is square like the North of Korea
The street, even the prison, he loves the projects a lot
He’s cleaning his gun in his hood, shit is like Medellin Cartel
He’s rushing down at ile Saint Denis, he gonna slang that like Barksdale
With all the esprit, the cops are stopping him
He just got back from Eindhoven or from Antwerpen
He spirits are dark, he’s not a socialist or a free macon
He’s just a big boy that drinks glasses of whiski with no ice
Hey, my girl, please, play hard to get, if he fucks you at a Timohtel, you’ll get a Nobel Prize
I’m giving you a few advices for you to make some money
Take your whore, put her on VivaStreet or on SexModel
Buy her six cell phones, you’re gonna make a killing
Paris isn’t like L.A, it’s like Mexico and Medellin Cartel
Vincent, becomes Vince Diesel on the highway
And Loulou, is Derrick, the departmental is working like in America
There’s a lot of people getting scared, the other half knows that it can go down real fast
We are the city rats, it’s not a tragedy
Shout out to Many, the others are selling out
Because we’re investing on the right machichi, doesn’t matter if we end up getting busted in summer
Hustling is the job, the right words to get out of a bad situation
These are the projects, I do not advise you to come around here

HEUSS L’ENFOIRE – L’enfoiré (English lyrics)

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