HOOS – Paid in full #4 (English lyrics)

Intro :
I’m paid in full like Rico

Verse :
I arrive, pair of Chazal on my nose
Your bitch likes my music, she’s looking for me on Shazam
I’m in the projects, There’s the Anti rime brigade
They haven’t seen me since, I was on Paris
I’m only lurking around, Long Rayage, 9-1
One for all my brothers that are locked up, one for all my brothers that passed away
I’m doing a face-time with a brother that is locked up, iPhone 6S, parachuted package
He’s telling me that he got busted in jail, and now he can only see his mother through a glass window
They’re sons of bitches, really sons of bitches
You would like for us to give you an advance, but confidence no longer exist
Both feet in front of the block, there’s a drought, the counter is blocked
Numérique faire c’que j’ai fait, ça s’mérite (??)
I have more in common with Redouane Faïd than with Jacques Mesrine
Salam to all my brothers, the real ones, I don’t say Salam to those other bitches
I gave your big brother an advance, I gave my confidence but you wont be getting it any more
I’m in the rented car, I’m totally drunk
His sister is calling me but she seems weird to me
I only trust A2L, I lend him money, I propose him to roll me up my joint
I’ve got some coke, well cut for some disgusting clients
I arrived in the projects doing fish tails, I lost the cops at the entrance of the D2
I arrive armed and dangerous, you can read my determination in my eyes
I woke up to a convening from the judge
I roll my blunt of weed on it
Papa has big problems : the bills, the rent, health, the block
I arrived in the rap game without trying, I kindly fucked a lot of mothers
My hands are dirty, full of dirty money, we grew up in the drug trade
We know the recipe to build yourself back up
My homie grew up without his father, he’s doesn’t have any role model
At this moment right now I’ve got a stack in my pocket
Only bags of 30 grams in my bag
Shake your fat ass, go ahead and twerk in the rented car
I’ve got a 6.36 hidden in the stash box
We’re gang, time passes fast rhayou I was a kid
Making money by any means
I dipped my Arabic hands in your purse
H like Hooss, H like la Bricarde’s hustle
Where not here to play you any guitar, we’ve got good quality hash hidden in our houses
Paid in full part 4, I arrive in Paul & Shark, your girl is going crazy, she wants to take a snap
She know that I’m hot, that I’ll change the game, turn up the stats
We arrive in teams, dressed like rich kids
We know about the streets, we rap well about it, we’re on the dope spot 24/7

Outro :
Paid in Full part 4, ryehou
This is for the brothers in prison, the 12, Karim and Zine
There’s a war in my texts
The misery in front of me, not in the movies


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