IDALY – Staande (English lyrics)

Who is gonna catch me when we fall down
My mind is only focused on numbers
Everything is about the environment,
So that’s why my circle nowadays is becoming more narrow

Spending money is fun
But as soon as I stop spending,
U start acting different
The cash can’t form me
I have my own word and my balls

This summer, no shows
But still no stress, we relax

Working on my own career and life lately
Because it seems sensible to me

I know this life only consists of peaks and throughs
Quarantaine, but we’re working. Still no excuses to hang out

I can’t sleep, i counted the most sheeps
I’m on the road too much

You don’t know how we’d to struggle with only 10s (10 euro) and stress
You dont know how we’d to run through the rain with trouble

But I know god’s alive
And I’m not even saying it because of the cash

Not even a gangster
But the police keeps the nigga standing

Again, a nigga with a benz
So there must be something wrong

He has the same skin colour as i do,
I tell him he should be ashamed

Positivity is what we’re planning here
It was all just a phase

I spend it on the way
Focused and we gettin’ paid

One day i give Roleys to all my niggers
The ones with the big V

You can’t touch me
I promise, it will be a huge case

I’m working because then i’m fine
You are working all to survive

watch when i cross
I’m coming this sick,
It looks like puking (to puke?)

I had to run for my spot for days
Know I’m living my dream

You cant bother me
If my mom tells me how proud she is
Pull up in a foreign whip
1087 other shit (1087 is their postcode)

And for real
I had to create this by myself
We had nothing

I’m grateful for the real ones
Because to many people are on snake shit
Pussy shit

I’m not down with that
You know we’ve done that shit
I’m with Titi or Hamza
on that cod, you know thats brother shit

My whole life with resistance
Now even my paper is long

The whole game
I’m better than that
You should know that

They’re checking up on me
But with those goofy’s i don’t feel connected

I’ve got my focus on a masterplan

Fuck it if they underestimate me
Because damn, im getting stacked

Niggas are doing it for the cloud
But we are doing it for the bangers (money)

they were playing a lot as if they were running,
But they were only at their houses just like snails

Damn it, life’s a bitch
I’ve got a lot of pain but we laughing

Oh, how i’m moving
My life Is fast
Who, kilometers on the dashboard yeah
Wooho, maybe it will be better now

I still got both of my feet on the ground
But I manage not to crash yeah


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