Insane freestyle by SCH during Lacrim’s Ripro 3 Skyrock session !!

Intro :
Oh, scélérats, 19
Gotze, oh yeah

Unique verse :
I’m walking out and the whole elevators smells of haze
My sicarios knows your address
The reflection in my eyes shows nothing but ember
The little kids are taking the candies, the safe
???, and the whole neighborhood is involved in the robbery
You wouldn’t have imagined one day seeing us everywhere
The score is under my Fila, I don’t give a fuck
I’ll find time to give a few kisses during the body search
The things that don’t kill you make you even crazier, or almost, and leaves you with with big sequelas, yeah
I let them keep on believing that they’ll be able to grab the moon with long ladders
Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy boy
Where were you when I wasn’t going so well ?
I’ve got a black uzi, uzi, uzi, uzi
With two chargers, like that I can afford to miss you 10 times, Baw, Baw
Sit your ass down and stop screaming, remember what did we tell you, hein ?
When there’s room for 1 kilo, we force 3 in
Raise your voice and you’ll get the corner of the charger on your eyebrow
The ghetto loses if you get busted before the warning signal
The last thing that they’ll see before they die will be a Araï helmet, ow
Fuck it, I’ve got my own style so I don’t give a fuck about fashion
The price of a little car for a little watch
The garages that were infested with asbestos
Bitch, we used to be up in them eating meat
Go suck some big dicks in hell, hurry, hurry, hurry
Flashing lights in the back, 3 vampires in the car
She wants my dick and my visa
Żubrówka, I drank all the saint’s blood
A heart too small for one another
And to think that we used to see ourselves without any future
The others are working, the bosses are eating raisins
Constellation filled with dead guys
I make the nation tremble like Wehrmacht
I don’t give a fuck about the F.B.K, the TT
I avoid the rainy days by going where it’s summer all year
Marseille, from La Millière to l’Estaque
13 years old, 13 kilos in a Eastpack
I’ve got my car, mes faf’, épuisé Faf (??)
Papa and Mama are bankrupting the CAF

Marseille, 15e, 14e, Aubagne
La tourtelle, le H, Gusso, nono, hey

Bitch, don’t listen to what they’re saying
These guys aren’t solid, yeah
I’ve grown up, my toys too
All of my homies aren’t free
Red and blue sirens, the crime is lighting up the whole town
The night gave birth to a croissant moon
I’m finishing my trap song in bed

Outro :
Scélérats, pull up, pull this up well


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