JACK – Studiosessie 402 (English lyrics)

Track 1
For every tear my mom dropped, I’m gonna give her a green one (100 euro bill)
I see the sun coming, but I’m feeling rain
In a room with tanks (laughing gas) and hoe’s, I need to get out of here
I’m in Amsterdam, but who says U’tje (Utrecht) bro we know better
She wants a rich guy
Say her I am ‘Snelle’, got my upper-lip fixed ^1
The block is hot, so I take my Vespa to get some kibbeling (Dutch fish snack)
Rotterdam-South, weed’s hot, I am right in between it.
I already came, she keeps sucking, some mad tingle
Why you talk like that, you ain’t gonna finish someone
I always receive bad press, like Mo Ihattaren ^3
And I made a couple hundred grands in my teens
But I enjoyed those times more because we used to play ball games
Hash under my nails, leaving a whole joint behind in her pussy.
Back in the days, on the court, I wanted to be like Wayne Rooney
I did not well in school, but you can asked my bitches, I lick pussy well
Sunday in de Kuip (Feyenoord Stadium), betted 100 on Ory scoring (Orkun Kockü).
Hard game, so we better get awarded a penalty
Sitting with a bag of fries, a small can of coke and a bottle of Hennessy.
With my glasses and hood on, maybe I won’t get recognized today.
Not gonna race to Paris to get some drip, but I wanna see Messi play
But maybe before we have a quick look in the Fendi store.
“I am different babe”, believe me, I know those types of girls.
Get the fuck off me, screw all of them.
Sometimes I’m a bit emo, because I miss my ex.
But my new thing got tits, they go by “Sir”
And I don’t trust people very quick, so I don’t get used to things
And if I can’t smoke in Mercedes, I’d rather drive a hooptie than Benz
She used to play Inter like Lukaku, but now she facetimes naked about what she should wear
She wants to be on my wave, bro what should I do with her
And I always get angry, so she says babe get your hair done
I want a Aston (Martin), and Phillipe (Patek), like Countinho
And if something ain’t right, I gotta coach you like Mourinho
I’m a striker like Firmino, I control it like Fabinho
15 years old and I started dealing for a pair of Valentino’s
Now the car has some mad horsepower
I used to have pony packs
I’m in the kitchen, not with cocaine, just cooking some macaroni
But I was there with shh and shh…
And if rap doesn’t work out, don’t worry, I’ll be straight back
I let them hear my album and they said “fire”
Went from dealing weed as a youth, to full tables at Izakaya (fancy Asian place in Amsterdam)
With two girls, and they ask me what I’m gonna arrange
Nothing, just showing that I’m not some small player
Of those bitches, who’s gonna show up on your funeral
My heart was never broken, it turned in to a brick
For big players she’s fit, just like an athlete
And if she’s flat, put your hands in the air
With two P’s in a GTD (VW)
But, my shirt’s not PP (Philippe Plein)
I got this rich bitch in Wassenaar, called Willemijn ^2
Very big money, but her ass very small
And I am a bit too stoned, because it stills my pain
I was there for you, and you not for me.
But I’m pure, if you need me, you can find me
Damaged, I want to go back in time two years, just being 20 again.

Track 2
So many nights without sleep, so many things on my mind
I smoke my 4th joint of the day, I don’t get stoned anymore
My old tracksuit was Nike, and my jacket Stone (Island)
I come from down below, I had dreams but I was broke
And she won’t leave me alone, it makes me tired
Baby, I came from nothing, I was broke back then
Started rapping, and began doing shows
So many haters, gotta do things on the low
Driving without license
AMG with the roof open
Seeing some girl in the night
Ey it’s 3:30 AM, I think about…

Track 3
Louis (Vuitton) shoes and H&M jeans
Spending a grand on jeans, that’s not me, I am a hash burning, casual, a bit too arrogant, tracksuit guy
Loyalty is not for sale, I saw them come and go
I play on three slots (machines), took an 60X
I’m browsing on CheapTickets.nl, that’s because of the bad weather
I ask my bro, where we going, I need some rest
He says Monaco somewhere on the French Riviera
When I say “j’habite in Rotterdam” they wanna buy drugs from me
I come from taking tram 25 to a party and go back walking
If you were there, bro I can’t drop any names
No Fanta Cassis if we’re looking for purples (500 euro bill)
Your policies? , she stares at me, she wants my attention
And she don’t know how these Dom P’s are, so I let her taste
And she don’t know how these Dom P’s are, so I let her taste

I take my rest for a while, taking a hit, put it out
And I go back, because I got bottle’s on my table
There are drinks and drugs here
She looks at me and I look back
I am not capable of anything tonight
You can come to me, but you take the taxi home
And if I want, a hundred bottles on the table
You can come to me, but you take the taxi home
It doesn’t matter where I go, because I know where I come from

^1: Snelle, which is roughly translated as “Fast one” or “Quick one”, is a Dutch singer. Snelle is famous for having a harelip, and is often referred to as a small diss in some Dutch rap tracks. In this case, “getting my upper-lip fixed”

^2: Wassenaar is a town in the Netherlands, which is known for being one of the richest/wealthiest places in the country. The Dutch Royal family also lives in Wassenaar, and is known for having rich white people as it’s residents. “Willemijn” is a typical posh Dutch girl name.

^3: Mohammed Ihattaren is a Dutch-Moroccan football player, who gets a lot of negative comments and bad press for his behaviour at his clubs. Jack compares himself with Mo, because he sometimes is a bit picked on by Dutch rap fans.

Note: I made some annotations I found necessary for foregin viewers, as they might not get the line. This one was a bit hard sometimes, because Jack sometimes says a bit of random s*ht, and I sometimes don’t really know what he’s saying hahaha. Lmk if there is a request again!

JACK – Studiosessie 402 (English lyrics)


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