JOSYLVIO – Zomersessie 2020 (English lyrics)

Hella Cash-Cash, ayy
Still doing it, ah sbe3
OG Vibez
Lets rap a little

This rapping started as a joke, i used to have nothing
So i was all about the coke or i climbed through your window.
Ma3seb (mad) and loud, selling and using, demand and supply
Johnny’s are high, cars are fly
Men do time, but come out no double fuck given
Double the price, everything is brought here in time
Those bitches acting crazy, scratching your car immediately
Don’t act to happy, ratchet ass-bitches are on the grind these days
They grab your loot, set-up is set in your home
A even longer gun, i already know it
Rat with a plan, those cats and mice
All those Itto’s in the game shouldn’t cross my path
I Know, they live with fear
Smelled of money, sylvio-stink
The thanks i get, people at the bank looking at me skewed
My pull up is big, so is my house, on my way to buy my 4th one
We keep smoling but those haters rather kill me
Im in the Range Rover or im in the G-wagon
63 amg let you call the police
You can find me where they are slanging keys
My homie has the best you need to call me

Track 2, produced by OG Vibez

OG Vibez

Ey, well why do they talk a lot?
I see them all licking the M together, chill
Am not the type who plays in the club with his cash
I put that thing in the ground and then I’m gone, wow
God damn it, this is another level
This is a different sauce, see, this is a different mix
We catch fish without a rod, we come straight out of the woods
Man, I wish a bitch would like a tree in this bitch
Yeah bitch, yeah bitch, that was a Lil Wayne line
You’re not from my time, then you don’t know about my vibe
I hate police in the streets, in my neighborhood
And my trunk has to open, but they can’t find a gun, ah
No, because we are smarter, ah buddy
I put that thing’s his face and he’s gone in a second
Pretty good, privacy is no longer private
These days the streets are super hot again
More and more little kids are walking around with a shank
He’s going to shank your mom when you think you are gang
The difference is, we used to do this all for cash
But now no one has respect anymore, these days are crazy
But no matter, no stress, we move packs
I did the whole thing, now tell me who is really there?
This game is a laugh, silly
If they don’t want to pay me, I’ll take that cash myself
And I’m gone, away from here
Ten seconds, two hundred when I drive for cash
See you spend in the club, but for your fam you are a vulture
And when we drink it’s Hennessy, I don’t drink beer, man
Sup, sup, sup, sup then with your chain?
Because you wanna talk about mine, but I still have it
Every Credit card you brought, buddy, it was raced
Little bitch for fame, so we don’t participate, no
Double cake, double cake, that’s a must
We always talk about cash because I really get it
I come in, immediately lay it down
I see those rappers like my breakfast, bud

Track 3, produced by OG Vibez

Let me show you My niffertiti (the thing on his chain)
She’s still there man, brother, guess what?
OG Vibez

Tie your laces when you walk in my shoes
Because these are long nights for those purple and green ones (500 and 100 euro bills)
I’ve got the pipe on me, brother, I know they’re lurking
But I give no fuck, Bro, let them come, those sluts
Because we are ready for action with the entire warrior gang
They break down when they realise I’m a millionaire
Four years ago I was a broke and you saw me In the tram
A little coke with my balls and a very big joint
Wellie, weyo, I’ve switched my life
Those angry eyes, because yes, they do not want me
But these times are loco and pull that pipe in a flash
Because I’d rather sit in Prison than lie in my coffin
Look, I can hear them talking, but they don’t live up to anything
I now have legal stacks while coming off the street
That’s why people look strange when I pull up in fancy cars
With the killers and the dealers, still do what I want
But these days I want cash, otherwise I’m quiet
For the rest I am relaxed and for the rest I move low
I am now a father, I am a brother, I am an uncle and a son
But spray that whole thing out when you fuck with my bread
Wow, ey, I see so many shows now
I see so much bullshit now, I see so many ho’s now
I see so much fake love, I see so many ho’s
In this fake industry, just stay the realest Joost
Fuck ’em all, bitch-ass motherfuckers

Creds : lemonpillow 207 💪🏽

JOSYLVIO – Zomersesie 2020 (English lyrics)


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