JUL – Dans la légende (English lyrics)

1st verse :
Who wants to break my balls ?
I’m making history while you’re selling cigarettes
Why attack good people ?
Why talk on the net ? It’s useless when (??)
I’ll pop the champagne at the first mili I make
I don’t trust people no more, I remain solo in my bedroom
Don’t act like he’s your brother, please
He did years in jail, you only gave him one thirty
Crick crick, I’ve got the shotgun
Look at his name, I think that MC is copying me
Yeah they’re all on my dick
You would think the rap game is La Jonquera
I’ve changed ? we’ll see
Bla bla bla, we’ll meet
We form gangs like the Yakuzas
Ski mask with no helmet on the Hayabuza
I’m in need, let me have a toke
Come see me face to face if you’ve got courage
The rumors make me laugh
In this world it’s fuck or get fucked
Manny, look, the pelican is flying away
I represent for all my theives and my drug dealers
They wanna test us ? Fuck them
You wanna blow ? Well, you gotta start buzzin’
Who wants to harm my life ? Who wants me dead, Ma, my girl
You know where I come from ? the maquis simply put
They’re acting weird, I don’t recognize them
The cop ask me “who’s he ?”, I don’t know, don’t recognize him
They criticize me but I’m the one controling things
I told you everything, I wear tracksuits, from the Real Madrid’s to Renne’s
Big up to the jewelry store robbers from here to Lyon
To all the guys in the struggle and to those who made a mililon

Bridge :
Under the moonlight, let me borrow your AK47
I got peopel to light up, feel like making a carnage

2nd verse :
We call the shots, we talk Honda
They talk to the cops, they act like big shots in the sportback
I still duck from the under cover police car
I’m sick and tired of all of them, let me climb high
Always a knife in my pocket
When it’s winter time it’s baseball cap under the hoodie
I feel like fucking shit up like a brat
I wear Nike, Asics or Salomon
My thing is weed, don’t propose me any lines of cokes
I’ll never touch that, yeah even if I’m getting out of control
You’re still saying that I can’t rap, listen to Skyrock
One freestyle per day, homie this aint (??)
When I was young I listened to Luc’, Booba, Rohff
The rap game has changed, I swear on my grand father that shit pisses me off
I came, I conquered, and I created
An extra terrestrial style of music
They told me “Fam, you’re insane”
Nah, I just isolated myself a little over at Ceyreste

Bridge :
Son, never talk about my life
You’ll never be able to take on my city
I’m navigating with confidence, around here we only smoke blunts, turn off your cigar (X2)
I come from th place where we (??)
From the place where, you learn fantastic things

3rd verse :
Big up to my city, from les quartiers sud to les quartiers nord
turn south, turn north, feel like going on the football field to score some goals
I ride aroud with a full helmet, I shut the haters up with my rap
They wanna test me ? I fear no one

Outro (X2) :
They wanna slow me down
Always loaded, never lacking of anything
I’m with the ogs in the yards
The police raids, I’m not here for that
But hey they’re littel sons of bitches, sons of bitches
Little sons of bitches, sons of bitches
You’ve got the (??) but not the source
You’ve got the handle but nto the fork
I’m like the wolf on wall street
I started from nothing to make a killing
Yeah son of a bitch, son of a bitch
Et ouais p’tit fils de, p’tit fils de
Little son of a , little son of a

JUL – Dans la légende (English lyrics)


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