KA Weersvoorspelling English lyrics

Should wait better, I want to smoke in the Range
Weather forecast rainy, leaves him sweaty
Baking with full of naku’s, grabbing paper bro
This is going to kill me, but i will make it for sure
If she sees the bomb in my pocket here, then she will definitely hop on
No empty pockets, weed when we laugh
Stay in that (?), keep looking, keep waiting for haters
Let it get hotter, laugh, it should only take my slack
My first hit went through two, (?) thirty euro invest from the Praxis
Go in, go out, I take my booty, I go off (off)
Going in and out of that store, I don’t want to pay by debit card,
We are not taking Rolex now, but we are ticking
Sit down, smoke a thick blunt in a thick container (thick container)
We are not taking Rolex now, but we are ticking
We Are punished, smoke a thick blunt in a thick container

Go in, go out, I take my loot, I go off
Of course we have the guardian images of the the one who did it, but we can also describe him
30 euro invest from the Praxis
Yes, and we are dealing with a fairly long robber, which is between 1.85 m and 1.90 m long
Smoke a thick blunt in a thick container
It was about someone under twenty years old

[Verse 2]
I have gone too deep into this, there is no way back now
He will call if he succeeded, he did not call back (no)
The streets are dirty again, you go stretched and broke again
So that I can (?) again with a stack in my back
(?) claim still pending, but they find no €1000 (nothing)
He sees those firearms by name, they know I don’t bluff (they know)
I have to go to Paris for a moment, and there I find peace again
Brother I do pedal, I have not seen a bus for years
I’m lying low with the Russian, he just got hold of me
Just printed a pile, ah brother they worry
I’ve come to get you drugs, don’t come to ask me for drugs
Ah brother, we break them down, I seek more mental peace
I told that man “I’m going to get it”, I managed pretty well
My bro is busy in the street, we have to go low on the coast (low)
We have to build overseas and then we jump back (back)
I now have a clear vision, on that side there is discipline, my boy

It has a light-toned skin color
It seems that the robber had very short-uh-short hair
In black jogging pants, a black quilted jacket and he had a black backpack with him

KA – Weersvoorspelling, English lyrics


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