Kaaris – Dozo (English lyrics)

Intro :
Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch
Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch
2.7.Z.E.R.O homie

1st verse :
First of all, your mother is a fat whore and I won’t substantiate
We all know that your father paid to have sex, it’s their pussies that are all blocked and paralyzed
Pussy hair stuck in the hair-straightener, if the money, the pay, is in your stomach, we’ll stab you open
In your butt hole, help me get into it
I go in order to spray these whores up like in a walk-in shower
Built nigga like Frank Mir, the same Kalashnikov as Vladimir
The entrance hall serves as a stockpile, what we’re reserving for you
The earth is my self service, I’m ready for war like a military reservist
We came like men, we’ll leave like men
Nothing but dirt on the dope spot, we’re hustling, even the referee ends up giving up
Selling a few grams of haschisch doesn’t make you a big fish
Cutting off your poodle’s ears will never make it a Pitbull
While my joint is consuming itself, my body is consuming itself
I clean my gun so much, that you can see your reflection in it before I smoke you
For us it’s rhinestones and sequins, for you it will be sweeping kicks
K.2.A.R.I.S, the first slave with a machine gun

1st bridge :
2.7.Z.E.R.O, I know that you like it
They’re queuing up for a new arrival
I managed to take off your bra
I’ll never be able to put a smile on your face

2nd verse :
A lot of fakes, very few real guys, I would like to be able to see from far just like from close up
It’s on the money that we’re focusing on instead of the Apocalypse’s date
I repeat, everything is falsch, we’re all on probation
Even when she takes off her make-up, she doesn’t have any eyebrows
I’m aiming for your butt hole, I see things large, no one can stop a charging elephant
Fame locks you up in a sarcophagus, alone, your family waits for you on the other side of the rivage
Back where I’m from poverty is hereditary
Doing dirt is an intermediary, but it doesn’t last long, like an interim

2nd bridge :
When I kick, it causes a double fracture of the femur
Every generation has it’s wounds
I’ve got all the keys to all the keyholes
I’ll remain hardcore until death, count on it, 2.7

Outro :
2.7.Z.E.R.O. homie
K Double A a.k.a. Talsadoum
You already know
Zongo le Dozo
Dozo, Dozo, Dozo
Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch
Dozo, Dozo, Dozo
Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch
Dozo, Dozo, Dozo


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