Kaaris – G.O.K.U (English lyrics)

Intro :
Hey, hey
Yo, yo, yo, yo

Unique verse :
Elevated to the rank of King of Trap music, the back of your neck, I won’t waste time, I’ll scalp it
Hey, hey, I sell dope, I fuck like an Orangutan whenever I catch you
Ouh, hey, brr, yo, yo, yo, I show off a lot
I might be your father, you may be wrong
Because whenever my dick enters, your head comes out (hey hey)
I’m in a tracksuit, hidden in the shadows (hey hey hey)
I’m hard headed and I’m starving
Money makes you become friends with horrible people, I’m making origamis with the money stacks
Hoody on in the building’s hallway, Kahdafi-rized like in Mauritania
If you’ve got a fat ass that gets traded on the stock markets, sniff my product, I cut it at the source
The sun tires out on it’s course, I keep an eye out for the great bear’s claws (hey hey)
We’re all very dark, that’s the family (gang gang)
I take care of my Glock like a family member
The fiends are coming back and fourth, ouh, just like the cops
We either have 10 euro bags or 20 euros bags, no need to be good in math for that
I walk into your nightclub like it was the Zoo, I’ve got bananas and peanuts
We finger fuck your girl with a bucket and you better be happy that we haven’t murked you yet (brr brr)
I could fuck them if I wanted to, but I’m not in need of anything (no)
Apart from wishing death to your people (hey) I said “long live” to my loved ones (hey)
I can’t advance, the gun is too big, the recoil is too powerful
2018, I’ve been screwing them for one minute and 18 seconds now
We’ll put a wanted sign on you like Interpol
My grave marker will be placed on the acropolis (bitch)
Daddy would like for me to put her on a pedestal but her G-string is dirty
We multiply, we’re under every sheets, that’s the demography of the rats
We don’t respect nothing like the US Army, we’ll kick you off the field like Unai Emery
Whenever I get constipated, I smoke me a nigga
There’s red lipstick on my dick just like on a cigarette butt
Her boobs are bigger than my ego
You want my euros ? Non mais oh ! (gang)
I robbed you in the subway
You saw my real character, without the “Vevo”
Started out from the projects, we hatched
If you’ve got a pussy, we’re thirsty
You want my money you dirty son of a bitch ?
You’re a dead man, life is simple as that
I wake up in the morning, I think about my money, money, money, that’s my thing
I’m dreaming about the Rif’s plains, I want to make a difference, only for my fam’
I don’t give a fuck, (??), I put bullets in you, couldn’t care less
Bad student, I do the exact opposite of what you’re trying to dictate (hey hey)
I’ll KO you, as if I was cutting off the electricity (gang)
She gives birth to a Dozo, even when it’s just a little squirt (Dozo)
I keep on punching even after I’ve heard the referee’s whistle (gang)

Outro :
Gang, gang, gang, gang


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