Kaaris – Kadirov (English lyrics)

Note : KADIROV was released on Kaaris 2015 solo effort “Le bruit de mon âme”.
The track is named after Chechenya’s notorious leader Ramzan Kadirov.
Known for his brutality towards his opponents.

Verse :
Give me what I deserve
I just want to be part of the elite
War criminal, you have to avoid me
I can do you dirty, think about it
Who came to murder me ?
Who’s trying to stop me this year ?
That son of a bitch isn’t born yet
His anal flower will fade
Fat ass, Fat ass, money
She loves it to death
A scientist on the microphone
I cloned a few sheeps like Dollie, Dollie
You look like diner to me
Who will be the one to get screwed ?
Silver backs from Guinea
You know my blood line
I try to make money
The music industry is checking it’s pulse
She’s trying to swallow it all
As if my dick tasted good
Put your gun down, raise your glass
No stress, bitch there’s coke
Yeah, there’s coke, It came from the projects
Make your ass clap (Make your ass clap, flex !)
There’s a blunt smell, Pass me the blunt
Pass me the light, I’ll smoke it like Quavo
Shots from the mortar, there’s no more doorman
Kalachnikov, Ramzan Kadyrov
There’s nothing new and a bunch of has beens, I won’t be at your party
Except if a cop plans on commiting suicide or to finger fuck your bitch
Alcohol in the throat, money bills on your body, I’m tired
I lie to her so hard for her to ride me ,I don’t have remorses anymore
I’m the chosen one like Neo, I’ve got pills on pills, don’t fake it
I was in the school yard, I gave you free kicks for your Panini cards
i know how it’s done, I take pics and autographs
You write comments, you make spelling errors
Bring your lips closer, I’ll moist them
I master Molière’s langage better than Master Capello
My shit is illegal, kids worship me
homies congratulate me, fiends run towards me

Outro :
No passports behind bars
Only the birds are crossing the borders
I’m in the resistance, the zoo is operating them
I’m dressed in army fatigues, Legio- Legionnaire
I come through, I darken your blue sky, I do as I’m pleased
This rap game is my fucking playground, Kim Jong II


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