Kaaris – Le sang (English lyrics)

Intro :
Zongo, Zongo
Zongo le Dozo
Zongo le Dozo
Dozo, Dozo

Verse :
The small teams can beat the big ones, I learned it by resisting
This game’s pussy is so large that I lose my rings while fisting it
I told you, I’m not playing around, you’re not safe from getting a smack from me
I’ve got the life of a soldier, and you’ve got the life of a pussy, bitch
I want us to fuck like animals without knowing each other, no, don’t tell me no
The wild animals don’t ask each other their names
(You know it), rocket launcher and assault riffle, I brought my whole delegation
I don’t like you, I wish you death with all my salutations
I grew up in the public housing projects, I would like to live on Boulevard Haussmann
I would like to hit on you at H&M, and to fuck you in a Pullman
All the scars of my childhood won’t ever heal, it’s too late
Nowadays I just make myself bandages with 500 euros bills
Left or right, rigth or left, they’re all beating around the bush
Originally from Africa, French, Black, I’m proud of my skin colour
I make nightmares where I’m being pursued by some Mercedes GT
Pinch me, I’m dreaming or you’re being pursued by the LGBT
The empty barrels make the most noise
You have to remain zen and put bullets
Coke in your nose, you don’t even smell the scent of the shit that is coming out of your mouth anymore
I was in your town, I know who deals
The streets and me it’s more than a brief romance
I’ll hit you on your butt crack, you’ll put on some Apaisyl
I’m the pride of my birth country like Mesut Ozil
Blunt after blunt, I’m that kind of negro
I don’t integrate, no, I desintegrate
My fat black ass on every dope spot only for the lucrative plans
Stop pulling on my jersey, if you wan’t, I’ll give it to you at the end of the game
93 that’s the blood, Zongo
2.7.0 that’s the lood, that’s the blood, that’s the blood
225 that’s the blood, that’s the blood, that’s the blood
The family that’s the blood, only thing that we’re lacking is time
That’s the blood, that’s the blood (grah)
That’s the blood, that’s the blood (grah)
That’s the blood, that’s the blood (grah)
That’s the blood, that’s the blood (Kaaris, 2.7)
You can feel it, you can feel it (yeah)
You can feel it, you can feel it (yeah)
K2A, that’s the blood, that’s the blood (biacth)

Outro :
2.7.Z.E.R.O homie, K2A aka Talsadoum
In the elevator of the building, Zongo le Dozo


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