KAARIS – Octogone (English lyrics)

Intro :
Yeah, yeah
Ris-Kaa, ris-Kaa
2.7.0 frérot, ON3

Unique verse :
Middle kick, middle kick, up your ass, son of a bitch, I fuck like in a porn film
I don’t hang around with any security guards, you turn the other cheek, I’ll piss on you
I’m loading up my drugs, you’re on the look out, everything is being sold, all this cash, all these inflow
Those who walk with you, those are the ones that kill you
Ass out in the club, you spell it “P-U-T-E”
Those bastards are followers, they suck dicks
Ferrari Ferrari only two seats, golden testicles, heart of ice
JR, Louis Vuitton, what audacity, one million, uno màs
Behind bars, cavalier, still doing my thing, swallow
We all know how this will end, there’s no point in talking
If you’re my worst enemies, for you I can do it for free
If you don’t get it, my Magnum 38 can translate
Biatch, why are you getting upset ? Excuse me but you don’t matter
You’re plotting against me, suck my dick and suck my friend’s
Kilos, airport, plomo if you ask for credit
Incurable is my disease, we’ll throw you underground with your hematomas
The pistol whip, is electric, we steal from the robbers
Because they can’t call the cops, in my case, it’s genetic
I’m making the scenario, the sound of the Toka is the end credits
Things are looking shitty for you, for us anyways, they’re profitable
With this dose I’m invincible (blow blow blow)
Full helmet and I’m invisible (grrah)
I’ll light you up even if you’re not my target
Bitch, you probably think that we’re not massive (Kaaris)
You make a lot of noise, we keep quiet, the Maglite dazzles you but doesn’t help you see better
We hustle, we skip meals, we know that it’s wrong but we take the plunge
You can ask around, I’ve got hands behind my back
Even blindfolded, we’ll walk into your dope spot
I enter a bitch’s pussy and there’s no more signal, I do my thing, see you later
Tell me if you liked it bitch, there’s nothing realer than family
I’m the type to give, I don’t do any loan, I only give to the real guys
When I strike I don’t do any breaks, you’re gonna eat my gloves, you’re gonna eat that shawarma
ON3, is just like the OPEP, I piss petrol
It smells of Gucci when I fart, you’re asking for more as if it was a Thiebouden
I don’t trust him, because he wants the things that I have (nah)
I’ve been through the struggle, I know what it’s like
I’ll never be an icon, I’m from the bottom like the yellow vest
You were riding horse back when I was dreaming of having a mountain bike
Everyone at the hospital, go ask the 92iTT
Your girl is the whore, not mines
Will’s nutmegs, they where in your whores pussy
3 kids and she’s twerking on the net, I can’t even imagine all the guys she slept with
2.7, 2.7, 2.7, 2.7


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