Kaaris – Talsadoum (Live on Skyrock Radio) (English lyrics)

Unique verse :
The dick is hard, the palm is hard
You can now be sure that the coke is pure
Bullets start flying, guess what happens to you
AK-47, we’re ready
Wanted like a swallow’s nest
I’m on the bed, right in front of your butthole
Close your thigh gap, yeah that’s it, cover yourself up
All I have to say is “Open Sesame !”
You seem suprised like a Lemur
It all finishes like in a Sakespearean drama
I spot you, I grab my weapon in the blink of an eye
I murder you,  I get a myself a tear drop tatooe
As soon as I come trough, cameras start zooming in
Turban, ak-47 and down jacket
They’re all a bunch of bitches, I’ve got an overview
Paranoid like a Pashtun
They start to moist in their g strings, It makes them shiver all night long
You want to battle me, or so I’ve heard
Who do you think you are ?
Keep, keep on talking
Opening your ass hole
You’re weird like unpure dope
Like a slut that wants to setlle down
I make money and wordplays
I’m straigth rallying, I’ll knock you down
Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier
I was nicknamed “Double Rotor”
We were hung and tossed away like trash
Black security gard in front of Ed supermarket
Before we were their slaves
And now we assure their security
Those who disagree can stay in their corner
Their buttholes get satured during rush hour
Avoid puffing too hard on my joint
You can get yourself in trouble like a pedophile
Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton
Don’t talk to me about love, it’s bullshit
I’d rather get stung by a scorpion
Than from that son of a bitch Cupid
The headrest relaxes me, I’m thinking about the futur
You’re masturbating, you can feel it coming
Nigth vision, directional headlights
I’m in the kitchen, traditional stove
I’m in the coupe, I’ll reach in no time
wind, hail, rain, sleet
I’m always hardcore, even when I sober up
I spit on the freshly unmolded cake
New school, nobody battle raps anymore
Open your ass, just shut the fuck up
My niggas aren’t fucking around this time
The Alabama days are over
2.7.Z.E.R.O Gang
The heat from the Big Bang
Cocaine and crack in my sleigh
Catch me in the V12, bruh

Outro :
2.7, 2.7, 2.7
So ?! Who’s the Boss?!

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