Kaaris – Trap (English lyrics)

Unique verse :
I would like to finish on the throne with a mortuary crown
Smuggling in tons, accomplice with the port authorities
I’ve suffered a lot, too lazy for the missionaries
If I ever happen to re set the table, position of the little spoon
Bad bitch, bad bitch, bad bitch, bad bitch, thick thighs, ebony
I’m going all out like Tony, I’m making blood and Buitoni sauce run
I learned that men wants to live richly, even if it means getting busted by the cops
That women adore fucking, but don’t like getting fucked over
As soon as my name gets pronounce, the atmosphere becomes heavy with threats
A knife in my wallet, this fucker is tough
I only want for the money to pile up, my ring on the wire less mic
While those faggots are but fucking each other, for the traitor to agonize
2.7.0 Cartel, double A I keep saying it
I came to save you sweetheart, I came straight out of a Marvel
She doesn’t want for her face to be shown, but she’s willing to show her ass
This world is upside down, I swear on my mother’s eyes, I don’t understand anymore
I’m so hot, that the rappers don’t know what to do about it
I’m not on your track but they’re talking about me in the comments
How can you ever trust all these attendant negros ?
Can die for a homie, but abandon their mother and kids
You already know my big toe’s story, let’s talk about my cash and my money
9 Parabellum, the canon is facing the sun
You a fucking racist, but your daughter will give birth to a khel
Don’t yawn while I’m rapping, or my dick will fall in your mouth
It’s a must, that I spray them up, that I pull out my Glock in the block
Make some noise because those chickens want to sing louder than the rooster
Properly chop up the coca leafs for a good culinary preparation
I lie to them, I tell them that it’s better than spitting, it’s a lunar escapade
Bitch, I want to see your big breast, come let’s have a sex cam
Nigga, you want to see my big gun, call me on FaceTime
I’m grabbing the industry by the ass, I don’t even take the time to kiss her
The Ak’s charger is full, Redbull isn’t the only things that gives you wings
Devoured by my passion, lot’s of stacks, so a lot of paper, I’m taking part in the deforestation
But I would like to be rich during the 4 seasons, the fat bitch of a judge is the one that’s right
The shortest way to make money will take you through the prison cell
But I still want to cut her cat’s throat and I still want to fuck up the prison guard
The atmosphere si tense, I’m certainly the most awaited one
You heard e very well, you’re just a piece of shit that is cooking in it’s juice

Outro :
Trap, trap, lick me
Bitch like me
As soon as I take a nap, you make trap
A soon as I make a move, you eat a punch
Trap, trap, trap, trap, lick me
Bitch, lick me
As soon as I take a nap, you make trap
A soon as I make a move, you eat a punch
Trap, trap, trap, trap


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