Kaaris – Zoo (English lyrics)

1rst verse :
I don’t have any mercy, I’ll fuck you up
There’s nothing but Ice running through my veins
I would like to know what it feels like to take their place
I practice smiling in front of the mirror
The capital city in my barrel
Every thing comes from Colombia, brother
I rhyme dirty, so rotten
Even those fucking rats catch diarrhea
Fuck Brandon and Dylan
If those faggots ever burn from Napalm I would like a medal
I don’t give a fuck who dies
I dip my cookies in your tears

Chorus :
The Apes just left the zoo
Strapped up like during the Clos era
The Angel of Death in the flesh
The Apes just left the zoo
Your corpse behind a couple tapes
Blood runs thicker than water
Strapped up like during the Clos era
The Apes just left the zoo

2nd verse :
Tracked but never domesticated
My vocation : Stick you up and watch you masturbate me
I’ll put you out for rent, you’re pimped, I’ll have to fuck you
You’re getting airplay and you’re wack as fuck, you’ll have to explain me
A couple extra rounds in my boxers
Cross field pass, futuristic goal, I’ll send it straight to your dome
You son of a dirty bitch, It’s too late to pray
The game doesn’t end just because you stop playing
The lab is stink of sweat, Trackers under the hood
A hundred rounds in every Jackboy
Aim for the hearth of all those bums
3.2 v6, 6.6.6 #Iblis, Im’ one of those niggas that persist and darkness lightens up


3rd verse :
The ties of your g string are the only things that supports you
I’ll fuck you and the sheets will remember
Big arms to attract Kadiatou
Cook me some fat rice or some Thiebou’dien
The room is big enough for several whores
And the torso large enough for several chains
In the white man’s world the euro bills are purple
In ours, the dominent species is a bald headed Black male
A couple grams to the nose per day
Men lie but numbers don’t
The name of a dead person tatooed on their skin
The Apes just left the zoo




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