Kabe – Trap i Grind (English lyrics)

[First verse]
I’m mixin’ lean, I want money for a new whip.
Bitch that I wanted to be with got herself a new baby boy
and I got me some gin.
Pack me some weed and put money in my bag.
Any white boy who wants a fuckin’ war with me will be hanged.
I’m flexin’, if you’re my bro we check.
It’s shining on my neck, you can smell these fuckin’ drugs in the streets.
I live and breathe trap.
I’m tryin’ to fulfill my dreams.

Trap and grind all day.
I’ll be gone with your scrilla before dawn.
Trap and grind all day.
I’d rather be rich than famous. I love my family.

Four albums in my notebook, pour me some lean.
How many of them imitate American rappers?
Don’t fuck with my vibe when I’m grindin’ this weed.
That Sprite on the table is making me groggy.

[Second verse]
I’m devoting time and gettin’ paper.
I’m an ace in this deck of cards.
Sippin’, sippin’ tonight. My cup is never empty.
GCBW, we smoke bare weed.
We’re the best underground crew.
Many fell ill. If you don’t know
what went down then stop talkin’ rubbish!



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