Kalash Criminel – Enterrez-les (English lyrics)

Intro :
Mouboulouté, mouboulouté
R.A.S, 243

Unique verse :
I walk in everywhere with a ski mask, you’re shocked
Every week end, I’m doing showcases
You remember the days back when we were struggling ?
Now it’s 5 000 euros worth of shopping
Mom shops for 5 000 euros
I arrive in drive by shooting (gang)
All you have to do is fire in the sky, and your enemies start jogging
You want war, say it clearly (tah tah tah)
243, I rep’ it proudly (oyoki)
Me, I roll in Rolls Royce, me, I roll in Maybach
You, you’re still unknown like Biggie and Tupac’s killers
You grab the mic, you’re whack, tika makele
Fuck my haters, they’re all queuing up in line (savage)
Now that I’m in the rap game, look at all the haters
What, they laid hand on the fam’ ? Of course, bury them !
Hands up, oh guys, dangerous like a hooligan
Come visit us whenever you like, for everything that is illegal
Your wife is getting fucked in the matrimonial bed
All the way to the Nepal and my family from Senegal
Kongo tolamuka
Mbongo tozoluka
Moko nazobuka
Mata na mutuka
Now all the racist’s daughters are into Zouk, Ndombolo and Mapuka
Behind my back, they’re hypocrits
Behind my back, they’re gossiping (gang)
My brothers will be able to testify, since I was little I’ve been beating them down
My wild side got the best of me, dangerous and tenacious
Even when I say “I love you”, you would think that I’m threatening you (gang)
Don’t touch one of ours (tah tah tah)
We’re not like the others (savage)
Full of vice and make up, these girls tell me that they’re models (oh yeah ?)
Lala, Douma, Droxa, Diloc, these are the cousins of Makila
If you’re too truthful you’ll get yourself eliminated
I’m from the place where ten year old kids work in mines (243, 243)
There’s no age to love, but there’s limits
Groups that are tight like us, there’s not thousands of them, like Solo l’Mythe would say, like Solo l’Mythe would say
Savageness on the mic, fuck all the purist (savage)
You must not sing like a chorister
In my 93, there’s no tourist
My 9 milli, insurance against all risk
The Americans are following the Zionist
I break my guitar like a soloist
You get denied entrance at the night club, yet your name was on the list
I deal with the pressure, even if she’s always there
You want to test Crimi ? You have to be patient, there’s a waiting line
I do things the right way, I’m leaving for Kinshasa
You know the government lies to us (R.A.S)
Stop making the Africans believe that Europe is paradise

Chorus :
Eh, mouboulouté
Eh, mouboulouté
Homie, they listen to me in every projects
Homie, they listen to me in every projects
Whoever touches the fam’, bury them (tah tah tah)
Whoever touches the fam’, bury them (wouh)
Whoever lacks respect, bury them (savageness)
Whoever names any name, bury them
RIP, the day of the funeral

Outro :
Whoever touches the fam’, bury them
Whoever lacks respect, bury them
Whoever names any name, bury them
RIP, the day of the funeral

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