KALASH CRIMINEL – KO (English lyrics)

I’m not lying to you when I tell you that it bothers me to see
The little kids where I live looking at me with my ski mask with admiration
If I take your favorite rapper…

…to the places where I hang out, he’ll get all sweaty
Au Yoki, I hang out where they don’t have the balls to come
Headbutt, sweep kick
We shoot with real bullets, you see, we don’t give a fuck
I walk alone, there’s two three guys that will
spray you up if you ever set foot here (woo)

Your kindness will pay off in 5 years, 10 years, but not right away
Fuck the cops, the politicians, the medias
Most of those people are guided by the (???)
From wanting t help the whole world, you’ll end up alone
Martin Luther and Gandhi tried
They ended up in a coffin’ (ok)

My enemies come at me with a smile
They go back running, screaming (running, screaming)
You’re talking to me about the competition, what competition ?
I’m sorry I wasn’t aware (I wasn’t aware)
When I look at you in the eyes
I’m far from being in love
I’m not Dany Brillant (Dany Brillant)
Every time that I do wrong, I ask for forgiveness while praying
And the look on my face says a lot (woo)
Mom does her shopping at Milan
Douma is rolling up a big blunt (hey)
The results are positive (R.A.S)
In 2018 I’ll be in Russia (Gang)
With Poutin at the kremlin (Vladimir)
Avoid trying to act tough (savage).
You’re harmless like Krilin

Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok
Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok
Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok
Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok

In life you have to make choices (gang)
Only hypocrite remain neutral
Police brutality (savageness)
I’m wishing for it to turn out in a riot
They’re dogs
That’s why I roll in a pack
We’re not into clashing
Or else my entourage and me we would have already been arrested for murder
And I hope that the message got through
We’re not fishermen, we rather hunt
The beat got wrecked
I find that crazy that the pedophiles
Get away with a closed case
When on the dope spot if you busted, you end up in the slammers
Killed by the time, caught up by the past
In front of the ocean, ton calogero est passi (??)

Once the success is gone, people forget about you (gang)
May god keep me away from the jealous people, the groupies
You had to learn to walk, it’s not to end up on your knees, crawling
I had my first one on one fist fight, you were still watching Tchoupi on TV

Are we ready or not ? (Ready!)
Like my savages at la Reunion island (Gang)
The people are starving
But the presidents in Arfica own millions
You wanna screw me over
You’ll get punches and right hooks
You’ll faint away
And to top it all off
I’ll call your lawyer for him to take care of you.

Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok
Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok
Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok
Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok

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