KALASH CRIMINEL – La SACEM de Florent Pagny (English lyrics)

Unique verse :
Saving the migrants who die from drowning
Is that too much to ask (fuck fuck fuck)
Segolène Royal’s cell phone number in my contact list
God is the one who gives and who takes back (eh !)
Be careful how you answer me (Gang)
It’s for your own good that I’m telling you to watch your mouth
I’ve got money, I’m an entrepreneur
The jealous people, the traitors, that’s not who we are (no)
We’re many, but we’re not thousands (Eh !)
The person who will kill me isn’t born yet (Gang)
Florent Pagny’s royalty payments
If you think you’re special
Don’t forget that we’re more than 7 billion on earth (oyoki)
The competition drives around in a hearse
A spoiled friendship all because of a homie who snitches on you, gang
In the US, I would be produced by Dr. Dre or Timberland (oyoki)
I don’t know what a job interview is like (gang)
I won’t forget the days back when I had nothing in my pockets (R.A.S gang)
The road toward success is full of obstacles (R.A.S gang)
Who ever talks shit, will get beat down (savage)
To my enemies, I wish them well, in all honesty
But for their daughters to get fuck in a reality tv show (hahahaha)
Africa won’t make it out as long as there won’t be a common currency
(African savage)
In North Kivu, I didn’t see the NATO, I didn’t see the UNO (243)
I’m the most famous ski masked person (the most famous ski masked person in the world)
The real street guys support me (Eh !)
My mind, my heart is in it (gang)
I hand around with murderers (gang)
One lead shower, two led showers, three lead showers (tah, tah, tah !)
Your corps repatriated
I hang around with Bougz, Yadfa and Stillday and we go way back
It’s not up to you to judge me
Even if I make rap music, I don’t forget to pray
All the “I love you”, I save those for my mother
I don’t say it every day, I say it all the time
Fuck Hitler and the German Nazis
Léopold II, that son of a bitch who spoke Flemish
In Burma, people get assassinated just because they’re Muslims
Some people think that I’m lying
Too much truth, it’s becoming awkward
The cops get dusted at La rose des vents projects
No go zone, just like Grigny, Sevran

Outro :
R.A.S R.A.S gang
Savageness !
Tah, tah, tah !

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