KALASH CRIMINEL Piano Sombre English lyrics

Intro :
Double X on the track, bitch!
Savageness..on the mic
Sevran les R

Unique verse :
One look and we understood each other (hey)
That’s it, your heart was conquered (hey)
Famas in army fatigue (gang)
Just tell me what is your price
I drive all the gold digger crazy, on the microphone
I’m mega dope, when it comes to punchlines, metaphors
Let’s change vision, lead shower on the bouncer
In what kind of world are we living in ? It creates divisions
The love of the cash/money drives us crazy
In 2017 there’s till house niggas
I didn’t become big headed, oh yeah), I got me a ski mask
Rougemont is like Baltimore, Chicago and Kaboul
There’s Wendy, M.A.S (gang), Stilday and Peco (Gang)
I make people uncomfortable (hey)
Get on the side
I’m gonna fuck shit up like a Polygamous
I hang around beautiful women
You pass from laughter to tear when shit gets real
You’re a good rapper but…you’re not deep enough
And the west wants to kill off a whole continent (tah tah tah)
If you’re not from around here : you’re not welcomed
I’m half man half monument
Wish me a long life, good health and prosperity (hey)
It’s not that I don’t care about your problems
But you know, in life, I have my priorities
I dream of getting a villa, a principality (Oohh)
I’m making my community proud (Oohh)
Go and tell them : “if rap doesn’t work out, Macdonalds is hiring” (Gang)
It’s in order to give you a penalty kick that I’m stepping back (Pah)
Sit down two seconds let’s have a talk
Yeah Obama was a joke but Donald Trump is a son of a bitch

KALASH CRIMINEL – Piano sombre, English lyrics

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