Kali – Lolita (English lyrics)

[First verse]
She was spinnin’ like a merry-go-round.
Her soul got absorbed by darkness.
Demon bursts through, craving for more.
Evil is hanging like a chandelier.
Cursed crystals vibrating with pain are above her head.
Holes in a wall are covered with wallpaper.
Will (Coco) Chanel help to get rid of the stench of a bricked-up decomp?
But she’s a woman, for Heaven’s sake!
I’m running out of metaphors, this girl is rotten to the core.
Her folks think that she’s delicate like a flower but she lives on the fast line.
She’s been foolin’ them for years.
*She has a foul tongue and her thoughts are wicked
like Grey’s contracts.
“Mirror, mirror, on the wall…” Who if not Lolita?
She’s full of herself and feeds her ego just like
Candida feeds on sugar (play on words)
An angel without wings is touchin’ the purple clouds
but it’s just a matter of time before she’ll overdo it.

She dances, dances with life like a crazy person.
Look how this teenage girl hungers for new experiences.
She dances even though she barely knows the steps.
Look how she dances and touches violet clouds.
Lolita, Lolita, take her, don’t ask her about age.
Lolita, Lolita, she’s unstoppable, party is her orbit.
Lolita, Lolita, she’s sexually broad minded
and doesn’t slow down on ’em corners.
Lolita, Lolita, she’s still a small girl hidden under make-up.

[Second verse]
Her young lungs are filled with smoke.
Look how she feeds cancer.
Her nostrils are full of powder and lines are longer than dachshund.
She turned on the alcohol faucet.
Low-calorie diet, feeder is full of toxic substances.
This fake Barbie lives in La-la land.
She’s always lookin’ for a dick like a bitch on heat.
She’s vulgar like the ladies of the night.
She rarely gets soppy about something or cries.
She’s rather a cold person.
She’s interested in sex, cars, jewellery and parties
not in “Mr Inkblot’s Academy” or playing blind man’s buff.
Her schoolmates are loaded like a full clip. (play on words)
They don’t act in accordance with the rules of etiquette.
They’re flirtatious and do not read the papers.
She’s a spoiled bitch who never worked a day in her life.
She likes being called ” bitch”, she gets everything she wants.
She speeds up like pitch and dances to the beat.
She’ll reach a deadlock, her destiny is already on a board.


[Third verse]
She’s deprived of parental love.
Banknotes and golden card won’t give her wamth.
She blocked all the feelings like a shield and replaced them with emptiness.
Darkness grasps her like devil’s arms.
She doesn’t know her own worth
and everyday becomes immersed in gloom while fullfilling her desires.
She throws in quiet cry for help between sentences like Enigma machine.
No response hardens her.
She lives a lazy life like panda, waitin’ for the weekend to begin.
This spoiled doll feels blue. She’s bored with life.
Will she defeat her inner demons ?
Chedda falls on her like manna from heaven whenever she needs it.
This fine lady will soon be in the red.
She spends it on stimulants but her parents think it’s allergy.
Their relationship is sad just like Lolita’s elegy.
She needs a change in her life but acts like she’s daydreamin’.
*Greed is what they both have in common.
She wants to be loved but she won’t find it on Instagram.
Nothing on Facebook.
Tell me where are you and I will show up.

a) “She has a foul tongue and her thoughts are wicked like Grey’s contracts.”
Reference to the movie “50 shades of Grey”.
b) “Greed is what they both have in common.”
Original text: Ze szczurem we mgle, łączy ich pazerności kabel.

‘Krime Story’ is Kali’s 4th solo album based on the book
under the same title. By ‘both’ I meant the main protagonist of the story
here referred to as ‘ Szczur we mgle’ (Rat in the mist) and Lolita.

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