Kaz Bałagane – Prof. Miodek (English lyrics)


I’m releasin’ the safety catch of my lyrical Glock.
I don’t say ” yo”, I say ” yea”.

[First verse]
I’m gettin’ laid all the time.
Pusher flow when I’m riding through Miedzeszyński Embankment.
You’re filling up your car with diesel,
I’m smokin’ that Sour (diesel).
I’m ‘scoring’ like Bayern FC (sexual figure of speech)
The only vapors I got are my Nikes.
Your rap is like phimosis or warts (an embarrassment, wack)
You wrote that she has beautiful feet,
you’ll never get your dick wet.
I’m standing on a staircase alone.
Everyone’s tellin’ me ” Good morning”.
‘Tyrytytytyry’ , my homie is calling.
He reminds me that today is Women’s Day.
I’m buying flowers, some lout is staring at me.
You want to take a photo with me or what?
I don’t see no celebrities here.
I don’t do “skrrt” or that other shit,
my dick is like your head.
I’m writing lyrics out of boredom and making mad dough.
Another Eminem is on the mic.
I can’t work out what he’s sayin’.
I’m joking, I can hear everything.
They play my shit in clubs,
rides and cribs.
You kinda suck but you’ve put out some good tracks too.

[Second verse]
Your producer is a joke,
what the fuck you want to talk about?
Afrika Bambaataa is waitin’, he wants you
to play with his dick in the name of hip hop.
Hood loves you? Give me a fuckin’ brake!
You ain’t gettin’ no love down there.
I became a legend before my first demo was put into circulation.
I’m not encouraging others to do drugs,
this is not French rap.
Y’all need to have your head examined,
it’s not only about fuckin’ and clothes.
I’m not making Reggae cause I don’t want to.
Your girl don’t like me.
You don’t have to ask why, I don’t go anywhere on foot.
Sometimes my face resembles a potato
and sometimes I look like a million zlotys.
I’m not making mean faces,
I’m savvy like Proton (play on words)
The craziest thing you’ve done was fuckin’ an ugly bird.
Those were the days. Too bad you got her knocked up.
Fuck this cheering, fuckin’ clowns, whores and midgets.
What kind of a rapper cannot get no shit.
I ain’t no Polish Lil Pump.
When I was a youngster, young hoodlum
would call me about the gear.
Be lucky.

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