Kękę – Samson (English lyrics)

Second single from Kękę’s just released 4th solo album “To tu”

[First verse]
It’s mid 1990s’, I don’t expect you to remember those days.
Streets are dull like in a newsreel. Everyone is getting ready for shit to go down.
There are a lot of skinheads and punks.
Young kid with no allies, kinda fighting a losing battle.
Still I was doin’ my thang, wearing clothes from a thrift shop
and cheap sneakers bought at the market.
Different than others, to say the least.
Long-haired like Samson.
Some people were teasing me.
Cut this shit out! You know I could give a fuck.
Different world in my head.
I had it rough when I was young.
Situation at home was (ha ha)
but it’s all good now. Back then it was too crowded.

I’m strolling through town again.
In long hair like Samson.
I’m feeling strong again. Feeling Free.
And again I don’t care if they’re starin’ at me.
I’m not standing at attention.
And I’m not standin’ like most of them.
I’m focused again, calm.
A bit naive as a child.

[Second verse]
When I got older I wanted to be exactly like those who
I was supposed to avoid.
I wasn’t supposed to stick out.
It was my Delilah.
I thought that there’s strength in numbers.
Now I see I was wrong.
Strength is within me.
I’ve wasted many years in my youth,
wanting to be like others.
Now I’m doin’ what my conscience dictates me
and others want to be like me.
And that’s why I hope you know that
you shouldn’t yield under pressure.
Even if others are going to point fingers at you,
the same way they’re pointing at me
when I’m strollin’ thought the streets in long hair like Samson.


You cannot be nobody but who you are.


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