KOFS – Eau froide (English lyrics)

I won’t give you my trust, even if you preach the words of the almighty
I’m suspicious of people like you, I keep in mind that Vodka has the same color as water
I’ve been waiting on this for years, now it’s me against you all
I just need one photo, and I’ll damage you on Bluetooth
Score settling in a bar, the server gave the go signal
1 bullet, 2 bullets, 3 bullets (Oblah)
Who is going to bully me, I’ll invite him to go fuck his mother
It’s true that I’m now heartless, bro, I’m a foster home child
I know that you stopped liking me lately, it’s not a problem, I’m not mad at you
You’re mistaken, things aren’t the same anymore, an AK-47 doesn’t cost very much
The last time that I suffered, was when my dad told me that he was leaving
When my dad told me that he was leaving, he told me “Foued, I don’t want you to cry”
And I armed myself in case, I prepared myself for chaos
I stole Garou’s voice, now you’re gonna get yourslef bullied by KO
Bro, I’m not like you, I’ll never pretend to be another
I maybe lived like a dog, but I would like to die like a man
I rather die from a bullet, than in a hospital bed
Bro, you deserve a medal, of the biggest pussy
This year I’m leaving, back at the old country, I have family living in Tizi
I have family living in Tizi, 2 -3 Uzi in order to traumatize them
Nah, I’m not forgetting who I am, back then when they would call me Foued
I’m a child of the desert, I’m a DZ and I can never surrender myself
No one wanted to help me, Zaka gave me a hand
In order to wash away my sins, I would have to go 300 times to the Mecca
I have scores to settle with them, I don’t like you, I won’t leave you the 22
I’m threatening you, I’ll look for you around 8 PM, I’ll find you and I’ll light you up around 10 PM
One tracker and I’ll know where you’ve been, your crew won’t be able to save you
Don’t forget what you were bro, I swear on Jedi’s grave that I’ll screw them all

Loyal to my real friends, loyal to my loved one
When I was alone in the street, it’s not my friends but them that would help me
A thousand sins on the meter, I’ll raise my middle finger to the …..
I’ll raise my finger to pray, you’ll see my face around 8 PM

Kofs !

KOFS – Eau froide (English lyrics)


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