L.I.M. – Passe le Salam (English lyrics)

Wowowo wowowooo Ah ya loumima Say Salam for me
Wowowo wowowooo Ah ya loumima Say Salam for me X2

Verse 1:

Say Salam to my mom
Too much beef on the turf
For sure, even the youngin keep revolvers
They rob you bare face
Down here everything works backward
Too many don’t know how to shut up
Handek if the cops catch you
Bsahtek if you don’t snitch on your homies
We gotta watch out when pimpin this Snow-White
The 7 dwarves are on the turf, it’s hot it’s a state emergency
Rogatory commission, the streets leave no tips
On a mission against my will, my life a fucking story
Under the porch, too hardcore
Between the hoes, the fiends, the pigs
We grew up on survival of the fittest
Countless time we cheated death

Say Salam to my mom X3
Before the pigs lock me up
Say Salam , say Salam

Verse 2:

Say Salam to la Mama
Nothing is right
You want cash, load up the whip
Round trip Paris – Amsterdam
It’s hot on the block
It’s either selling dope or fighting
Get kill for any purpose
There is always a snake behind you
Watch out, in these streets too much tension
Repression, detention, police killing without a admonition
No time to wonder about
*Pah* action, reaction
Whatever the season is
It ain’t easy being in jail

It’s a rip off and the cartridges fly off
too much beef my head can’t take it
The kids shot you even with a mortar
My mother is my only half

On my life, I have way more enemies than friends
Hami [I’m warmed up], in this business we are all suspended
It’s misery here, problems got us all tougher
Day and night we grind hard for some cash

Hook (X2) :

Say Salam to my mom (X3)
Before the pigs lock me up
Say Salam , say Salam


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