LA FOUINE – Donne moi (English lyrics)

1st verse :
Give me a weak person, I’ll make him a strong person, give me a gun, I’ll show you dead person
Give me a mic, I’ll make a golden record
Give me a skinny person, I’ll make a big person, give me a guitar, I’ll make a pass
Give me a virgin, I’ll make a fat whore out of her
Give me a theme, I’ll make a text, give me a girl, I’ll make an ex
Give me love, I’ll give you back sex
Give me a cigarette, I’ll make a blunt with it
A night with no condom, I’ll make you a baby crib
Give me a snitch, a uzi, I’ll make holes in him
Give me a nigga like Mc Doom, I’ll make a Magloire out of him
Give me some pasta, two three onion, I’ll make a dish
Find me a girl who can sing, I’ll make an Amel out of her
Give me little kid who can play soccer, I’ll make a Samir Nasri out of him
A million euros, I’ll make a million enemies out of them
Give me a room, I’ll make you a concert
Give me a little kid who wants to rise, I’ll make a gangster out of him
Give me your hand and I’ll make you my queen
Give me your pussy and I’ll make a BBM contact out of you
Give me love, I’ll make it my strength, give me hatred, I’ll make it my strength
You rap well, sign with me and I’ll make you a boss
Give me a towel in prison, I’ll make turn it into a praying mat
Give me a prosecutor, a gun and I’ll make Swiss cheese out of him
Give me a homie, I’ll make a brother out of him, give me a girl, I’ll make a mother out of her
Give me a big knife, a witness so I can make him shut up

Chorus :
Give me…
Give me…
Give me…

2nd verse :
Yeah, hein, yeah, give me a girl and I’ll make a booty call out of her, say that I’m right, I’ll say that you’re wrong
Some commercial shit, I’ll make it hardcore
Take my life away, I’ll make a movie out of it, give me a crew, I’ll make a team
Give me BS, I’ll make it the dream team
Give me a guilty person, I’ll make a victim out of him
Give me a “clic-clic” and I’ll make a “bim bim” out of it
Give me a beat, I’ll make a dope record, give me your phone number, I’ll court you
Give me your fat ass, bitch, and I’ll make love to you
Give me the money and make it a tab
The street a sidewalk, 500 euros a napkin
Give me little shitty ass drug dealer, I’ll make a big shot out of him
If you never snitched on your brothers, I’ll make a hero out of you
Give me a little kid, I’ll make him a man, change wind blows in hurricanes
Give me a stone, I’ll make a gomme-cogne out of it
Give me snow, I’ll make crack with it, banlieusard, I don’t give a fuck
Give me a cop, I’ll make a bucket out of him
Give me brothers, I’ll make a square, a square, I’ll turn it into a prison
Give me a beard, I’ll make a big star out of it
Give me a nice photo, I’ll make it a poster
Give me your mother, I’ll get you a step father
Give me a bench, I’ll make you a throne
The nice neighborhoods, the zone, give me two blunt wraps and I’ll make a spliff
Give me your hatred, I’ll make my reason
Give me two three four drug dealers, I’ll make a drug network out of it

Chorus :
Give me…
Give me…
Give me…

3rd verse :
Give me a pen, I’ll make a track for you, give me a weapon, I’ll give you back bullets
Politician, I’ll make a door mat out of him
Give me the 16th arrondissement of Paris I’ll turn it into the old country, give me life I’ll give it to you back dead
Look at us the wrong way, you scream “help”
Give me your hatred, I’ll make a weapon out of it, a little wrong doing, I’ll make a drama out of it
Give me your blood and I’ll change it into tears
Hein, give me the street, I’ll make a palace out of it
Gi-give me the traitors and I’ll find the one who snitched
Han, give me the game and I’ll make a whore house out of it
Brother, give me the airwaves, I’ll make an overdose
AK47 and I’ll make it rain
Look the “Bois de boulogne” changed a her into a him
Homie, give me the sheets, I’ll make a yo-yo with it
Give me a prison visiting room, I’ll make you a blunt
Give me cell mates, I’ll make partners out of them
Give me an empty ass hole, I’ll make a container out of it
Give me peace, I’ll give you back war, I know what it’s like to hang out on the square and to struggle
Give me the sky and I’ll give you back the earth
Give me your secret, I’ll give you back silence
Give me the SACEM, I’ll give it back to you in advance
Give me the capital, I’ll change it into crime
Tell me your story, I’ll put it in rhymes
Give me failure I’ll change it into success
You can give me everything, it will never be enough !

Chorus :
Give me…
Give me…
Give me…

Give me your name, I’ll inscribe you


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