LACRAPS – Poignée de punchline 2.0 (English lyrics)

These are prose texts that my people distill
I want a fat prod [beat], I want a small stick [joint]
I play with words, this is so clean that I could be a langage teacher
No Louis Vuitton no Armani, Air max 90 on my feet
You thought I was dead, ask Mani [Mani Deïz, beatmaker], I still got beats to break up
On mic I told you I’m killing it, I’m single-minded, I shot the beat
Fuck, is this my or Lady Gaga looks like Beettlejuice ?
My worries are corroding myself, smoking kills me, I’m skinny not paunchy
When it comes to fees I only accept cash or weed from the Netherlands
Come here, and listen, do not think that I gather money like the Grimaldi
I’m making timeless music like Amadeus and Vivaldi
Quick, go tell these actors that the galérien is back [slang, the poor, misery, struggling in life]
And warn the detractors because I got nothing and want everything
Lost generation who smoke joints, loving to laugh
Caricatures aren’t shocking anyone, unless it’s Stroame’s father [belgian singer]
No need to exaggerate, these are the same going to say that everything is fine in Mali
I’m not Charlie [Charlie Hebdo] bro, I’m Adama, I’m Malik Oussekine
[Adama Traoré, dead after being arrested by the police in 2016] [Malik Oussekine, student, dead after being beaten up by the police in 1986]
Senseless misery, when head of state are diverting piles of suitcases [with money]
Are you realy thinking that even one french guy is truly standing for the lockdown ? [terrorist atmosphere in France at the time]
Do not ask them to be accountable [the government], even if we put them in custody they’ll deny
Nothing more on the 49.3 [french constitution article, google it], medias prefer the burkini
I have the eloquence of a Luchini, but I’m tired of seeing my guys twisting [to a bad way of life]
That’s it Les Preuves du Temps is coming [Lacraps’ album], only two or three texts to work on
It’s like I’m muzzled, if we do not let the thruth shout
I don’t pay my taxes but I’m going to end up expatriate
Because I see people in low batteries mode and without any power of rebellion
In this jungle, I’m ready to sacrifice myself in order to see my lions [friends] happy
You can still try on and on but you’ll never have my style nor my pass
Man, not even a minute that I’m rapping and I already placed more than 10 words [Poignée de punchline concept, freestyle with a list of words]
Yes, many rhymes I got, the mic I warp, as soon as I kick it’s heavy
Come on, he can file a complaint, I say it loudly : I fuck Eric Zemmour [french racist polemicist]
This prick of Bart Simpson against Chef Wiggum
Heavy Rhymes supply chain, when Dieudo [Dieudoné, french humorist] is running after sionists
I describe the everyday-man like an impressionist
Always at the right place, I give a shout out to my young wolves
But fuck, I’m going to go back at Pôle Emploi [job center] if I fail
Seeing the sweat and blood that I poured, I can say that my art makes money
I got more than hundreds of verses, I came to overthrow their monarchy
Humans split apart by borders, by filthy common walls
If these assholes [racists] want it or not, we are all world citizens
You’re going to play your part, you’re crazy man, do not believe that shy ones are eating [their part]
It’s LaClassic [indy records label] for Give me Five [belgian prod label], out there even the young ones strafe
These are prose texts that my people distill
I want a fat prod [beat], I want a small stick [joint]
I play with words, this is so clean that I could be a langage teacher
I try to innovate, ready to break down, you believe your mom is screaming
18th november, put a cross on your schedule

LACRAPS – Poignée de punchline (English lyrics)


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