LACRAPS – Poignée de punchline (English lyrics)

Autodidact, for sure we are, we have learned alone
Bursted eyes [high] on seum [hash], It’s not going to be gentle
Come on, turn up the volume, Mani’s beat is worth it
LaClassic for Give me Five, I show you how I play with my rhymes
Shouting the truth to the deafs untill I restore their hearing
Even the one that annoy, even if I get censor like Laurent Louis [belgian politician]
I’m not going to put my nose in their business or in their elitists causes
I’m more like keeping my faith for myself, not doing proselytism
Why is my prose so sad, I’m not writing peacefull stories
Friend my life is like doing somersault on the edge of the precipice
Fuck success, I don’t want to go at the Parthenon
In this world where people can’t give anything aside from names
Grass joint, I’m in my own world, I look at people yelling at each other
Hash, I know that I abuse and man my exoskeleton wears
Queasy atmosphere, what the mass is thinking annoys me
No need for antidoe, I’m wearing the anti-pop like a gasmask
A mic, a headset, those who sneer take some hits
Here to show to those who don’t know that lyricaly speaking I chop
I don’t care of your stable life, team freestyle down your buildings
Not in the crystal business but in Breaking Bad I’ll be Walt
You see here it’s a thriller, every reason to be demoralized
Choose wisely your friends and be careful when you salem [arabic for salute] someone
Because relatives betray you since Mathusalem
I’m a typewriter and I swear that I don’t care of the salary
In this environment in order to buzz I would need to show my ass
You know I’m like the Gars de la Butte [Xxth century parisian gang] I’ve got the passion in blood
My words I catapult but keep your advertising I’m not making dancing songs
We’re living hell but being desesperate for a new life is the evil in men
So shout out to all those locked up at Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone [jail]
Like many others I have no money and I’m a night owl
It’s said that your friends worth gold but even your best friend can fuck you up
And too many playing thugs, saying in their lyrics that they stir [gather money]
I pass my way, many end up in disgrace
One more deserved text, I’m only doing my buzz, I’m not paid
Acting with dexterity, from Montpeller to the flat country [the Netherlands, reference to Jacques Brel’s song]
Audience at first listen, are they shuddering ?
I got a crying flow, I got my heart reached by disgust and schizophrenia
It’s only the begining of my carreer, I take the crom’ [slang, credit in drug deal] and forge gold
And obviously my brothers deny in front of the prosecutor or the officers
No cocain in my nostrils, I kick
I’m not doing my vocalizaations, calibrated glow, apocalyptical prose
Brothers say that nobody can mute me if I’m holding a Bic pen
Ask Rolex [DJ Rolex] I’m going to kill them with multi-syllabes rhymes
I made so many mistakes, I don’t want the youth being fascinated by me
You didn’t know me already ? Done. Thanks Depar One [creator of Give me Five]

LACRAPS – Poignée de punchline (English lyrics)


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