LACRAPS – Poignée de punchline 3.0 (English lyrics)

[Sample Roi Heenok]
« Since then we try the best, that we think. The most real we are, hum, with ourselves you know… When inside is purity but what comes out is a bit more… pure … despite the weed ! »

Sometimes life is realy dirty and too much of my friends bleed
Love and knowledge we are armed of, that’s what others are teaching
A long freestyle, it’s hard to condense
New school or on an old beat I show you my potential
When mouses are dancing, the cat sneers
No friendly match either charitable soul
No need, either charm, either gun
Basically I’m Charles Ingalles with Sharingan
Rien à foutre [slang, literally means Nothing to cum = I don’t give a fuck] of their trickery
I’m not going to envy you, even if you’re rich
It’s not my fault if you’re lost chérie
Bats les couilles [slang, literally means Hit the balls = I don’t give a fuck], ask Roi Heenok I blew up their ankles.

Give me Five [belgian production company] cousin, I had a good look around and the ennemy has 10 000 flaws cousin
Yazuka’s mental, life is a fight to death, ready for the fight cousin
Pétard [slang for joint], chilling in Paul Va’ [Paul Valery, a neighbourhood in Montpellier, south France] or suspected of theft
We fuck the power like Benoit Pooelvorde [belgian actor]
They are nostalgic, a big hash cigar and my people ramble
The thing is always the same, fuck oligarchy, shout out antifas
I see that for now everything is cool and calm
The truth : I hear nothing, where are you guys ?
Mes enfoirés [slang, means My pricks] we are together and in any case
It’s now, foutez la merde [slang, means do shit, trouble, noise] like hooligans
I kick it [the beat], it escalate quickly but
Their medias act like we don’t exist, I see it and I feel stupid
When mostly only want Philipp Plein and Hermes
On my side I keep going only because I got nerves
It’s said that I got everything, that I’m underestimated, on mic do you feel the ease ?
Maybe my choices jeopardize the road
It’s a buzz race, even if it means to lie in all directions
To break into [the music industry] I would have to do my coming-out

Here the sun is hitting, 34 degrees [celcius], lack of action
Dirty propaganda, fragmentation, allowance, lamentation
The young ones getting high on codein, as soon as he has low morale, the man drinks
In your eyes I see too much 3in [arabic for evil eye] so I avoid marabouts like Gims [french rapper]
Unforgettable like Papin’s pearls [french football player, his good moves]
Dripping graff, I talk XX about it
Politics rien à foutre [slang], ask Khaled Freak

, it’s only powder of Perlimpinpin [idiom, smoke and mirrors]
On the field like Diego Maradona, no side stitch I’m a marathon-man
Thousands of reassessment per album
I rap, I hurt your ego, hurt you soul
I read all your comments, I Iaugh a lot, in the appartment getting high on hash
Your came [slang, hard drugs] I don’t give a fuck ask XX it’s some Scott’s OG that I want
Let my voice invade your home
A mic and I make your [bass] boomers shake , sismological expert
I understand that it can frighten you when insult against cops are garnishing the halls
I hope not being betrayed by my brother like Michael Corleone
I understand that you cheat, money is not waiting for you, this is crisis man
If I become rich, me too I’m going to do gang signs like Griezmann [french football player]
Stop saying that you rob, lier, single-minded like Mark Landers
Four years that my rhymes are engraving the underground, that the public sings along my tracks
Aim and flee fast, son you’re not the caïd [slang, from arabic, means little gang chief] in this archaic system
A mic and I kick my hatred, since a long time, ask Kif Kaï’n [Montpellier rapper]
Nothing has change, even at that time it was crazy all the words
It’s been years since I’m here for real, no need to do a damn demo [version]
Ca fait kiffer [slang means it’s pleasant] when people says « in your freestyles you’re killing it ! »
As the legend says, this MC ate the devil fruit.
I’m going to foutre le faya [slang, fire, do a mess, trouble, noise], I’m going to gush
Come tell me what’s the point of pretending to be bad boys and hate each others ?
I wanted to see them shining, I see my pariahs shuddling
Always a thrill and I hear someone’s yelling Tahia Djazair [arabic, means Go Algeria!]
Oldschool like Kool Herc, I’m smoking zamal [Reunion island slang, means weed]
Sons of migrants, yes we suffer, all depreciated, we didn’t ask for it man
We want the ultimate, not Oussama’s ending
Man what do you complain about ? You’re thinking you have no money but you realize that deeply, your life is only fables.
I repeat myself what do you complain about ? When you struggle think a second about Africa and Francs CFA [west-african money]
I’m in an half-pipe, big spliff in mouth, like a stupid addict
Clash battle I don’t have time, you’re speaking on me but you think that every track is obsese
Always hidden under my cap, I’m here for you to listen, I don’t give a fuck of bringing myself to the fore.
And I’m doing it with heart, the only goal is that my sound resonate from La Paillade [Montpellier neighbourhood] to Pont de Bois [Villeneuve d’Asqc neighbourhood, north France]
Gradually I see the real faces, gradually the masks are off
Some said to me : you’re making trap music, be careful to not be tamed by the mass
To kick, play with words, you’re not taking this gift away from me
We’re touring in Switzerland, Belgium, France, on stage like real mastodons
MC please don’t talk about your money when people are dying
Is this a verbal assault on officer if in mine [freestyle] I say : Fuck the police ?
I’m far away to be this typical south [france] guy, either a MVP
Here the sun is stinging, you sweat, welcome to MTP [Montpellier]
I’m making you laugh but nothing is going right : Bonjour Tristesse [literally Hello Sadness, a french youtuber]

LACRAPS – Poignée de punchline (English lyrics)


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