Lacrim – Billets en l’air (English lyrics)

Intro :
A.W.A the mafia my nigga
That’s Lacrim
Th’at’s Kore
This shit is dope
That’s Ripro

Bridge :
You know in life you need to have balls
This comes from the 9-4
If you’ve got the uzi, you have to fire the bullets
Your man is lame
Homie, if you’re about to make a move, be sure of yourself
We only slang dope shit
The vultures, the crows are flying over you

1rst verse :
Son of a bitch, I’m on the dope spot
The judge and the cops missed me
6.3 liter, I know how to pilote
Monsieur Lacrim is cocky
Brother, all the lights are green
Molly in her glass
If you serve her, she’ll suck you all the way to hell
I count and I count and I count
Money is my friend
There’s some in my street
In my garden and in my bed
Baby love me, like a magnet
In your pussy, I’ll hide a few diamonds

Pre chorus :
I wanted the easy life yeah, my brother
I didn’t make the right decision and I’m paying the price (everyday)
Money is the heart of the struggle (everyday)
The money that you spend all day won’t go underground

Chorus :
Tonight throw everything in the sky
Throw all your money in the sky
Throw all your money in the sky
Throw all your money in the sky
Throw all your money in the sky
Throw all your money in the sky
Throw all your money in the sky
Around the table, a hundred green euro bills

2nd verse :
Loaded on the high way
Weed, hash, that’s my thing
hoodie on at the café
My piggy bank is made of 500 euro bills
Back where I’m from the kids are all pissed off
Don’t want to work for 8 euros an hour
20 kilos cash for 3 600
You just made twelve grand in 15 minutes
Tell me, why would you want to shine
If you’re like a blind man at night
Bend over or dick ride, that’s not my opinion
I spent money all my life, we’re not bums
It’s only paper, we’re men
We know how to make money



3rd verse :
Euro bills, color
In the street : pain
One dream : money
Money is a pleasure
Enough, enough
I’m on les Champs, latest C class
hustle, hustle
My heart is hot, my blood is frozen


Outro :
A.W.A the mafia my nigga
Throw all your money in the sky


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