LACRIM – Booska Non Grata (English lyrics)

Unique verse :
I was twelve years old, already smoking, coughing, not expecting you to front me anything
Already as a teen, I was on Paris, 4 months out of 12
The foster home, the judge for minors, the prosecutors go hard on you
May God be my witness, a lot of them would have broken down
I’m on the dope spot, son of a bitch, I’m not waiting on the ball in order to attack
I’m starving so I’m going hard and there’s no one who will make me their bitch
Fucker, my weapon, is my friend, I have a future like 2Pac
Hidden in the cave, I’ve got my Glock, I’m a real savage like the FARC
You eat at home even when there’s ten of you in a room, outside, the winter is cold, I need a drink
If I bring the gun out, yeah, I’ll traumatize them, I’ve been through misery and I made myslef
Yeah, and no matter what they say, I’m a real thug, I never add any flavor
Back where I’m from, of course, yeah you need to have vice, we’ll succeed where few of them have bet
Over a thousand robberies, I enter your home even when you’re asleep
I have paws like a cat, I can sniff out the gold bars
My two feet on the dashboard, leather seets in a 4X4
900K stashed away, I recoup my investment and divise it by four
Even the customs don’t see a thing, in my nightmares, all I see is blue
Just taking me back to the starting point, just let me live a little
I juts got out the slammers, I’m making the headlines, I don’t give a fuck about what you say
You would think that my life is cursed, sicario, yeah, kiddo
Real North African, I’m not a Gothic, 30 K, I’m in the boutiques
Real man, real romantic, dressed in full prada, I’m authentic
A thousand enemies, a thousand fanatics, those who show off have small dicks
You live your life based on rumors, me I live off the revenue
I grew up then drew otu the 9m, drew it out
I’m from the public housing projects, (??)
I know the Nrdanghea very well, the vice fo the state, the vendetta
I knwo the sound of the “ra-ta-ta”, having a “non grata” status
In no time, my album is dropping, I’m in Tahiland under the influence of Apple Vodka
You want to harm me, nothing surprises me anymore, you (??) so you’re lying, Lacrim

LACRIM – Freestyle Booska Non Grata (English lyrics)


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