Lacrim – Chaos (English lyrics)

Unique Verse :
They call me the generous one, that’s the meaning of my name
Like an animal that is being tracked, I move in darkness
These days, I don’t give a shit about feelings, turn the volume up
I can see myself as a child again, sleeping under the bridges, what a beautiful struggle
My body is covered with scars, my stitches are my friends
Here on earth, I’m starting to like hatred, I’m hanging on to it
Nah, I’m not kidding, it’s really raining bullets out here
Kids are crying, moms are dying, the cops are having an orgy
You’ll need a solid body armor, don’t ever try to stop a vulture
From making his nest, around here, the bullets have replaced the verbs
Ok, yeah, they’re all the same, yeah, I’m talking about you, chumps
Forgive my language, but I don’t give a fuck about politics
They’re all just a bunch of hypocrites, yeah, I’m anti
RS4, Tip-Tap, a young Swiss held hostage
We pay the full price whenever we get busted
So in front of the prosecutor, I’m already high as fuck
I listen to her nice words, I can’t change anything anyways
I’ll have revenge on a beautiful baroness, and I’ll watch as the money spreads out
Homie, I was built for this, I’m multi-tasked
Monacan, I’m on my way, I won’t give you a break
I drown my sorrows on the sea cost, I’m filled with desires
Sadly, Islam is calling me, I missed a few signals
I have faith in his greatness, a startled fear
It makes me shiver, I look up to the sky, it makes my eyes squint
I’m fully aware of my mistakes, I have to admit that they bother me
There’s no science, but there’s a remedy, it’s called wisdom
It’s a long road, filled with emotions, but right now, there’s a riot going on
These are war times, the one that I’m declaring is crazy
If this isn’t my due share, then I’ll monopolize it, lokopore
And I’ve killed the one they used to call worthless, yeah
Apartheid on all of our belongings, we think we’re Corleone
I swear on my mother’s life that I’m hungry for more, like the Colombian cartels
We get lost in comfort, being that we’ve seen the parcel
At night I have diner in Barcelona, at dawn, I’m in Marseille
3 cell phones, ok, I live a street life, the realest one, without counting my homies’s
All of the bitches got killed in the movies
I made a bet, 100 to 1 that I would die before 30
I’ve already lived for 50 years, in this rap game, I’m your grand father
Jacko is the banner, yeah I’m a discreet person, although I might not look like it
Just keep in mind that if you fuck with us, we’ll smoke your mom like in Palermo
Weapons, hash’, some good weed, money
Cursed be the devil, around here, the devil just stands still
This is Baltimore in Italian couture
Uncross-able lines, don’t let us catch you where we eat at
Yeah we’re like beasts, sometimes we get put in cages, sometimes we’re outside
Unsatisfied, sometimes I want cash, sometimes I rather gold
I’m too nervous, there’s no point in trying to block the door
We’re all Adam’s children, we’ve all bitten the apple
We’re living crazy lives, the others are dancing ballet
Lacrim aka you’re in trouble, I’m hungry, let’s stay in the ring
I’m a thug, straight up, I rob then I take a trip to the Maldives
No mater what they say, I’m the fittest one to rap about this street life
Don’t get it misconstrued, I’m the king around here
Who wants to go first ? I’ll get the silencer, in the parking lot
I’m mad at the whole world because we’re not lawyers
The album is on it’s way, it’s called Corleone, it’s gonna be dope


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  1. Ljupce Bojadziev

    Amazing song, Amazing lyrics… Great Work…Keep it up 🙂

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