Lacrim – Colonel Carillo (English lyrics)

Note : Colonel Carillo is the 3rd single from Lacrim’s album “Force & Honneur”.
It’s also the name of one of the characters in Netflix popular serie Narcos.
The music video contains parts of the Youtube web serie also named “force & honneur.

Verse :
By the justice system, often condemned
Going back and forth to jail for many years
I haven’t been to the army, but all I know
Is that you have to shoot at us in order to disarm us
A proud person, I’m not a rapper
You want to know who I am, ask my father
We know where all this hatred comes from, we don’t like being defeated
It’s in order to fuck you over better that we pretend to lose
I’ll never grow tired of stacking
I’ll go to Mars as soon as I won’t have this anckle bracelet anymore
I’m drunk, tonight I’ll end up sur la jambe (??)
I came out of prison, the rappers are locking theirselves up in their bedrooms
My story, I carry it on my back
My scars are worth the weight of my mistakes
I fucked faith, in a jail cell at night
I smoke and I aspire to do them horror
I came to take, take
Suspicious looking arab, my ambition is to sell
At 14 years old, I had a pair of balls and a gun
I went inside in order to make them lay down flat
The prison guard is bringing me my beef ribs
Before grilling it, I drink all the blood, my inmate number, my couch is made of 100 euro bills
Beefsteack on the table, I only bring it in by working
I break jaws, not the same torso as before
I turned my back on the one that snitched on me
I’m armed, yeah, you bitches
It’s true, I’m harder and more in a hurry than before
I’m like a kilo of pure, you’re a kilo of whack shit
Son, I’ll be back, I’m starving like back in the days
I’m buying me a big a watch, I’m putting a whole in time
Those that listen to me, are hustlers
Wives or thug’s sisters but not bitches
We understand each other, the hatred in the blood
A thirst for revenge, is what animates us
Our parents were poor, yeah, life is hard
Like a glock in your mouth or shitting in your pants
Enormous issues where we lose our lives
We need money, we’re unanimous
My mother is always ill
I’m always in jail and my father broke his back
I’m riding around in Paris, I’m looking for a castle
But for them, nothing is good enough
Rivers of blood, don’t forget that our parents parents have been tortured
I can feel it in my genes, things have changed, today it’s their sons that wash my car
I already know what is waiting for me, I screwed my destiny
I’m against them, I’m this young rebellious project kid
I don’t go around searching the trash cans, you dirty son of a bitch
Don’t forget that god loves me and my daughter is very beautiful
I’m going to have a shower from the evil eye, because there’s too many bastards


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