Lacrim – Corleone (English lyrics)

Intro :
Lacrim, Kore

1rst verse :
You’re getting money and you’ve never snitched : then you’re like me
The streets are more dangerous than a coma
The real guys are following me and they support me, I won’t forget you
Life is short, sir, so you’ll need weapons, courage
Vice, honor, little brother, be proud of who you are, look at me, yeah that’s it
The day before payday I don’t sleep
Being drunk, hungry, euro bills, de mon r’pas (??)
Yeah, yeah, war in order to make my life
Protect my fam’, shoot at the enemy, aim for the head
Make a killing, some brothers have had near death experiences
Saïd and Mehdi, those where real soldiers, I won’t forget you guys

Chorus :
Will I ever be able to relax myself one day ?
My father used to work all night, breaking his back
How many guys in your town turned out to be bandits ?
At 15 years old I wanted money, I still haven’t matured
Why is my heart cursed, always down for some crazy shit ?
Why are all those demons trying to fool me into thinking that hell is pretty ?
Even with all these millions will we ever find peace ?
Way too often we end up getting smoked
Or wasting our lives in jail, homie

2nd verse :
With the hunger, I started from nothing, I wanted to (I wanted to)
See the world and so I started robbing
Rumbling stomach, young and gifted
I smoked the king that taught I was dedicated
Money, my god, you’re the only one that can save me
If only you knew, the things we’ve done weren’t always the right thing to do
Tired, deep down in my heart I’m not a bad person
Just a big wolf from the projects that made a killing just to eat, bro !
9-4 you know how we do
We rob, we sell drugs, I really did everything to dig my own grave
We had to feed ourselves, we had to make a killing
There’s nothing in my plate, and so I’m ordering everything at the restaurant
The hunger kept us together and made us stronger
We grew up piss poor, as teenagers we only took gold
I did some wrong, I deceived my mother, unexplained love for the automatic riffle
We’re here to make it big, we’re here to loose it all
i’m just a man among many others
I’m only passing trough, welcome to my world



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